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How to Brainstorm Content for Your Website

Content marketing reigns supreme in today’s always-on, hyper-competitive global marketplace. Consider the results of a recent survey of over 1,500 marketing agencies, B2B and B2C companies, and other organizations. The survey revealed that 84% of respondents have a content marketing strategy. However, among these respondents, only 11% said they believed their content marketing strategy was…

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Video Marketing Statistics 2019 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Video is the future. As available bandwidth grows enough for us to transfer ever larger amounts of data at lightning speeds, video will take off as the ultimate medium of the future. Video has an immediacy. It tells things as it is. Video excites like no other. If you are watching sports you get right…

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Which Social Media Platforms Are the Best?

Which colors of the rainbow are the best? Based on what? The best at what? Blue’s a good light for coming out of TVs screens late at night. And for country songs about eyes and the Montana skies. Red’s a good light for districts of ill-repute. Also, sunsets, roses, and clown noses. Green is best…

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Negative Keyword Master List for PPC Advertising

Search Engine Marketing, also known as Pay Per Click Advertising in many circles, can drive some outstanding results for businesses of all sizes in pretty much any industry. The key is to build the campaigns properly, including both the overall structure, the keywords targeting, and finally, how you work to discourage bad clicks. Negative keywords…

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Social Media Agencies: What to Look For

Over the past 5-6 years, social media has really come into its own as a business discipline. Most companies now understand that they need to, at a minimum, have some sort of presence on the social networks and other social media. But not everyone can afford to hire full time support, so we find ourselves…

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Intriguing Social Media Statistics for 2012

When I first started Return On Now back in 2009, social media was still on the upswing as a channel for marketing and lead generation. Since that time, it has evolved in many ways. Businesses are driving not only leads but sales from leading social networking services. But not all services are the same, and…

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The 10 Commandments of B2B Social Media

Good morning, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays. As I sit here awake early with my baby awaiting everyone else (who, by the way, are still sleeping), I decided to share a little holiday cheer by way of my 10 commandments of B2B Social Media.

B2C and P2P are the easiest forms of using social media for most, and we have plenty of materials available in the blogosphere about how to attack those areas. But what I see lacking is a breadth of content about B2B.

So let’s start simple…10 important tips for how to use social media correctly in B2B.

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