Guest Posting Guidelines

We are NO LONGER accepting guest posts for the Return On Now blog.

We appreciate your interest and may decide to allow for guest posts again at some time in the future. Thank you for understanding.

Requirements for Guest Posts

Please consider appropriate topics for the overall theme / subject matter of the Return On Now website. Only online marketing and similar topics will be considered for guest posts.

We have a marketing savvy B2B audience, so tone must also fit that audience to be considered. A direct educational tone is preferred, although we do accept other approaches if suitable to this audience.

All contributed guest posts must come from a real person and not a pseudonym.

We do not accept content with excess typos, grammar, or other bad form.

Editorial Process

We reserve the right to edit, change the title, or remove excess links. These changes will always be in the interest of clarity and SEO, but should not alter the meaning or spirit of the content without clearing by you first. More detailed edits are typically introduced for inaccuracies, or for opinions that conflict with the core values or service offerings of Return On Now.

Include an image with your post whenever possible. Unless you have full copyright to the image, you must provide a source and link to the original when submitting.

Linking Back to Your Website

We allow for a link back to your website in the footer / bio.

We only allow backlinks to sites in related industries (unless they are local to Austin, TX). Acceptable industries would include SEO, marketing, social media, graphic design / creative, marketing strategy, entrepreneurship, small business promotion, online marketing, copywriters, SEM/PPC, etc.

Please ask if you want to link to a site in any other industry before composing the post.

One Caveat

We reserve the right to reject guest post submissions for any reason, including conflict of interest, poor quality of the destination site, and posts employing Black Hat or Gray Hat SEO tactics and keyword targeting.

How To Apply

No guest posts allowed.

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