Internet Marketing Coaching

We understand that you have unique needs. We also understand that a single internet marketing training session may not be enough to help you apply what you learn on real projects.

Or maybe you already have a good grasp of internet marketing, but just need someone to help look over your shoulder when you try something new.

Internet Marketing Coaching: Your Ongoing Guidepost

Our founder, Tommy Landry, personally provides internet marketing coaching and training on behalf of Return On Now.

We offer several packages of coaching services. The most common coaching services are:

Retainer or Project-Based

If you just need help with a time-based project, Mr. Landry can also be available for shorter time spans or with a custom short-term package.

Alternatively, we offer ongoing retainer agreements for agreed upon monthly blocks of hours. Ongoing retainers have commitment minimums but are typically offered at a reduced hourly rate for ordering in volume.

Monthly Huddles

With this package, we will set up a monthly recurring one-hour Zoom call with you and/or your team.

In these huddles, you can freely pick Tommy’s brain, ask questions, or even just banter about industry developments.

Once purchased, the time is yours to use as you deem appropriate.

Ongoing Dialogue Package

The ongoing dialogue package provides for four 30 minute phone consultations over the course of a calendar month.

These consultations can happen at any time of the month, or even be combined into one two-hour session at your discretion.

This package also comes standard with email Q&A between meetings, with 24 hour response time aside from when Mr. Landry is out of office or traveling (you will know in advance except for emergencies).

Ask and Answer

For the lowest monthly fee among all coaching services, Tommy will field email questions and provide brief answers within 48 hours.

If you just need a sounding board who can help clear up industry trends or areas of confusion, this package is for you.

Response time is guaranteed except for time out of office or traveling (you will know in advance except for time of emergencies).

The above can be combined as needed to meet your needs. We recommend you schedule your time on Tommy’s calendar as soon as possible, as it tends to fill up early.

Your Professional Internet Marketing Coach

No matter whether you need a one-time session to hash out a major challenge, or a monthly call to address day-to-day concerns, we can tailor a coaching program to precise needs.

Contact Us Today to get the conversation started. And trust us, you won’t regret it.

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