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Social Media Agencies: What to Look For

Over the past 5-6 years, social media has really come into its own as a business discipline. Most companies now understand that they need to, at a minimum, have some sort of presence on the social networks and other social media. But not everyone can afford to hire full time support, so we find ourselves…

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Intriguing Social Media Statistics for 2012

When I first started Return On Now back in 2009, social media was still on the upswing as a channel for marketing and lead generation. Since that time, it has evolved in many ways. Businesses are driving not only leads but sales from leading social networking services. But not all services are the same, and…

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Content Marketing Strategy for B2B Software Vendors: Starring the ‘New’ White Paper

Since I have been unable to generate any new content for two weeks due to a personal situation that has taken up nearly all of my attention, I share with you another fine post by my friend and colleague Julie Hunt. The following post originally appeared on Highly Competitive just last month.


For the past several years, multiple studies by different research firms have been conducted to evaluate the most sought-out and influential content for B2B technology customers during decision-making buying cycles, and every time, in every study, the #1 preferred content is the White Paper.

The white paper is the #1 most influential piece of collateral that technology purchasers consult when making or influencing a buying decision for their company, according to a recent survey by Eccolo Media

However, many B2B software vendors still are missing the boat with their use of white papers and have not employed them in ways to engage potential buyers, let alone convert them to customers.

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Social Media for B2B: It CAN be done

This week, Return On Now has the privilege of sharing with you a guest post by Aaron Strout, CMO of Powered Inc. right here in Austin, TX. In addition to running marketing, he also serves as a key “social voice” for the company. In that capacity, Aaron continues with his speaking, blogging, podcasting, and social networking activities with an eye toward creating awareness and lead generation for the company. Aaron co-hosts the Quick-n-Dirty weekly podcast with Jennifer Leggio, he maintains a social media blog titled Citizen Marketer 2.1, and he is well-known as a thought leader in online and social media marketing.

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Entrepreneurs: Top 5 Sites to Market Yourself

With marketing having fundamentally changed over the past several years, it is becoming increasingly important to have an online presence. And this is a great thing for those of us who aspire to operate as solo entrepreneurs or very small companies. Now, your voice can be heard loudly and clearly by more people than ever…

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The 10 Commandments of B2B Social Media

Good morning, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays. As I sit here awake early with my baby awaiting everyone else (who, by the way, are still sleeping), I decided to share a little holiday cheer by way of my 10 commandments of B2B Social Media.

B2C and P2P are the easiest forms of using social media for most, and we have plenty of materials available in the blogosphere about how to attack those areas. But what I see lacking is a breadth of content about B2B.

So let’s start simple…10 important tips for how to use social media correctly in B2B.

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