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How Facebook Marketing Will Change in 2020

What changes will we see in the world’s largest social network in 2020? Aside from changes to the algorithm which we experience every year, we’re expecting shifts in user behaviours. These changes will naturally impact our Facebook marketing decisions. In this article, we’ll walk you through some forecasts for 2020. Then we’ll discuss the future…

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How to Advertise on LinkedIn: A Complete Guide

LinkedIn is too often an afterthought for many marketers, who choose instead to focus the majority of their social media advertising on Facebook alone. But with a network of 500 million professionals and counting, the smart marketer considers it a no-brainer to take full advantage of this platform. LinkedIn is the largest B2B platform ever…

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How to Link Facebook Posts to Business Outcomes

Whether you want to increase awareness about your brand, product or service or reach out to new customers, your business goals should motivate how you use Facebook. Some B2B marketers believe that running a few ads will be enough to meet these goals. But the truth is, it comes down to good, old-fashioned strategy. Do…

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