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Top Content That’s Popular on Social Media

Last year was a real challenge for many marketers and business owners, regardless of the niches they operate in. This especially includes social media marketers. They have had to adjust their work to the changing trends and also had to adjust to new practices. The pandemic was the main reason for all of these changes,…

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How Startups Can Use Social Media to Understand Customer Needs

Social media connects people with friends, families, and others who share similar interests. Using the wide range of social media services available, everyone can easily communicate and share information with each other. Brands have even begun to use these same platforms as marketing tools for engaging a larger number of people. Social media connects these…

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3 Strategies to a Successful Social Media Video Marketing Campaign

Over the past two years, video marketing has revolutionized the digital marketing world. This is especially true within social media marketing. Facebook Live has rejuvenated the historic platform. TikTok has become an overnight phenomenon. And of course, YouTube continues to be a fan-favorite. Let’s look at the right ways to use video in your social…

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