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How to Use Auction Insights for PPC Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is one of the essential strategies used by digital marketers to overcome competitors’ efforts. The Auction Insights report is the best way to identify what is working for your competitors on Google Ads. In this post, we will review Auction Insights in detail, including its definition, features, and limitations. What is Auction Insights?…

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How to Promote Affiliate Offers With Google Paid Ads

There are many ways to promote affiliate offers. One of those methods is using Google Paid Ads. In this post, we look at how you can go about doing so this year and in the future. Before you get started with your affiliate marketing campaign, you must know the standard policies by Google around paid…

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How to Boost Traffic and Conversions with Google Ads Close Variants

Have you ever mistyped a brand or product name, and yet, Google provided you with a perfect result? With each algorithm update, Google is getting smarter. Its algorithms are designed to “understand” what a user is searching for, irrespective of their spelling or grammar mistakes. When investing in Google Ads, your goal is to put…

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