Why Digital Video Ads Are Key To Your PPC Marketing Strategy

Why Digital Video Ads Are Key To Your PPC Marketing Strategy
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Business owners grow their brands online using various forms of digital marketing. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is an excellent marketing solution to attract clients and convert them.

And you can make your PPC even more effective by implementing digital video ads.

According to the statistics, videos help increase sales and drive positive returns on your marketing investments. People are more likely to watch an engaging short video rather than they are to read promotional text.

This post reviews how video and PPC can work together to help you drive results with your own digital marketing campaigns.

Why to Use Digital Video Ads in PPC Campaigns

PPC is one of the most successful types of digital advertising, giving businesses more control over their marketing campaigns. When exploring PPC trends, consider incorporating ads in videos.

Video popularity is impressive since we use them for different purposes. That’s because this visual type of content is appealing and attention-grabbing.

Viewer attention span is less than ten seconds. Meanwhile, video ads can quickly and easily showcase important details. With video-based content, entrepreneurs can more effectively send the right message to prospects and buyers.

Keep in mind that your target audience is more likely to find well-made video content to be relatable. Statistics show that 92% of marketers view video as an important part of their marketing strategy.

Video ads in your PPC campaign are the right solution, as people will make positive purchase decisions under the impression of powerful visuals, animations, and audio.

How Digital Video Ads Can Help in Your PPC Campaigns

Let’s look at the major benefits of using video advertisements in your PPC marketing strategy.

Precise Targeting Capabilities

By using video ads in PPC, marketers can target their messaging based on different parameters like demography, age, gender, interests, and occupation.

You don’t need an immense budget and long preparation periods. Simply create catchy content, and you will retain complete control over its visibility.

Better Retention By Your Target Audience

Viewers of videos with both audio and visual messaging are more likely to retain the messages after the video ends.

In fact, videos with impressive visuals and music complemented by captions or a bit of text speak a thousand words.

Video ads can convey emotions and influence the audience. You can capture their attention in a few seconds and leave a long-lasting impression.

Introduce new products and offers to the clients with a video. There may be some risks, but you will definitely be satisfied with the result.

Expanded Brand Equity

You can connect with your audience and build lasting relationships with customers.

With your advertisement video, you can clearly explain your brand mission and vision.

So don’t hesitate to use videos to not only distribute important messages about products or services, but also about your brand as a whole.

Improved Conversion Rates Through Remarketing

The Google Display Network shows a list of users who interacted with the video ad in the past. It allows marketers to remarket the product or service easily.

You can also use other parameters for remarketing, and video ads can often be the difference between a potential buyer ignoring you and engaging with you.

Ability to Exclude The Wrong Viewers

It helps to remove unwanted audiences from seeing your videos. In this way, you can focus the messaging on the right audiences, which will in turn improve the quality of your website traffic and conversions.

With pinpoint targeting AND the ability to exclude people you have no desire to reach, you should see better performance numbers across the board in your PPC campaigns.

User Engagement

People tend to buy from the brands that engage them the most. When adding video ads to PPC campaigns, you will get incredible results.

Keep the audience hooked with relatable statements, jokes, animations, etc., and encourage viewers to take action. In return, you can rest assured that there’s a much higher likelihood that they will respond.

How to Make Amazing Digital Video Ads

Now that you are acquainted with the key benefits of video in PPC advertising, let’s explore what makes a stunning video ad.

These tips will reveal the secrets of a successful video ad to marketers and business owners.

First, explore your target audience, their needs, and expectations, and create a video script. Be sure to take the time you need for properly planning out the video, as it will save you time, money, and frustration later in the process.

There are different types of marketing videos like product demos, behind-the-scenes, testimonials, etc. Choose the right format, and only then can you move over to work on creating the video.

You can even make a video ad with your phone. Just choose the appropriate program to edit the video, crop that video online, add captions, record the screen, etc.

Always aim to make your PPC video ads short, engaging, and entertaining.

And finally, when the video is ready, post it on different platforms, like social media, your website, third party partner websites, and search result platforms. Do not forget to analyze the video statistics and optimize them if needed.


You stand to significantly improve your Pay-Per-Click Advertising efforts by incorporating digital video ads into your strategy.  Video advertisements are very popular and can benefit your marketing campaign a lot.

For a more in-depth overview of pay-per-click marketing itself, read our prior post on PPC for SaaS. And check back here for new recommendations in the coming weeks and months.

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