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7 Steps To Designing Better Landing Pages

The following blog post comes courtesy of George Kent of Pentech Consulting. In this post, George provides seven insights that should help you improve the conversion rate of your landing pages. How many people have signed up to your mailing list in the last 30 days? Have you considered the benefits of designing your landing…

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3 Reasons Why PPC Leads Do Not Convert Into Customers

The following guest post comes to you courtesy of Jessica Donnovan. In this post, Jessica reviews three important factors in your PPC / SEM effort that might be limiting your ability to convert leads into sales. If you ask any entrepreneur or business owner in this generation about their marketing strategies, there‚Äôs a big chance…

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Managing Web Forms For Conversion and Lead Quality

Marketing Sherpa recently¬†released another solid chart of the week, this one focused on form fields for lead generation. The chart summarizes the list of fields that marketers designated as the most important for lead generation forms. But before we get to the chart, let’s frame the topic to understand why this data is of great…

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Page Load Speed: Why It Is Critical To Website Conversions and Profits

Enjoy another fine guest post by Gary Walker of TopSide Media.


Driving highly targeted traffic to your website is a critical step, but the landing page still has to convert that visitor to a lead or new customer. We recently helped one of our PPC clients whose online business was being adversely affected by slow page loading on their website. Their case could be useful to other business owners.

Web pages that load slowly can be tricky to find. Why? We’ll list just three of the many possible reasons.

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