7 Steps To Designing Better Landing Pages

The following blog post comes courtesy of George Kent of Pentech Consulting. In this post, George provides seven insights that should help you improve the conversion rate of your landing pages.

How many people have signed up to your mailing list in the last 30 days?

Have you considered the benefits of designing your landing page more effectively?

Most people are under the impression they know everything. It’s as if they know what their customers want because they wanted the same thing.

The landing page may be written from your heart, but that’s not the ideal way to increase your conversions. It has to be carefully designed with each section pushing the visitor closer to making the right decision, i.e. giving you their email address.

You have a choice to make. You can either keep building your landing pages on gut feel, and build your business the hard way. Or you can re-evaluate the way you build them in pursuit of a more successful approach.

As you read this post, try to look at it like a piece of art. Each piece has to be delivered to perfection, because it’s a lot easier to drive incremental revenue when more people are signing up to your list.

Craft the Perfect Headline

If you don’t have the perfect headline, you will struggle to make your landing page work for you. People don’t have enough time to waste reading everything they see online, so make it attractive to them. One idea to engage the reader is to promise something they want, or you could answer questions that are of interest to them.

Recognize their problem

Empathize with what problem they have. If you want someone to sign up to your list, they need a reason to do so. The easiest way to get an emotional response is by talking about something that has not worked for them in the past. If they relate to the topic, it should establish enough urgency to get them to sign up.

Offer a solution

This is where you come in with your solution. Tell how it will help them. Raise their curiosity if at all possible, because the one thing that’s will be on their mind is solving their problem. Explain to them all the benefits they will receive when working with you.

Show Them it Works

If you have metrics to prove the value of your product or service, show it to them. This illustrates that someone has already overcome a problem like theirs, using the exact solution you’re proposing.

It’s even better if you can get testimonials from happy customers, because no matter how trustworthy you seem, prospects will still appreciate a third-party endorsement.

List the Benefits

Share a list of bullet points that summarize the benefits of your solution. This list doesn’t need to be extensive, so only call out benefits that are remarkable and unique. This way, your solution will hold more value. Building value establishes trust and increases the chances of getting a conversion.

Show Them the Product

Go back to your product or service, but this time, talk about features rather than benefits. Have a photo, because everyone likes a picture, and words don’t always cut it.

If you’re not offering a free eBook or similar download for signing up, you can still add some kind of photo. This  might relate to an email course, or anything else they are getting when they sign up.

Get the Call to Action Right

This is the most important piece of the entire puzzle, because people will only sign up if you ask for it. This is the end of the line and people need to be encouraged to take the leap.

Provide a big box to enter their email address, and strongly encourage / urge them to hit that submit button. Sometimes this will be the difference between an abandoned form and a successful conversion.

When George Kent is not busy blogging, he is making web designs in CT. He gives simple tips, tricks and advice for web page designing.

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