3 Reasons Why PPC Leads Do Not Convert Into Customers

The following guest post comes to you courtesy of Jessica Donnovan. In this post, Jessica reviews three important factors in your PPC / SEM effort that might be limiting your ability to convert leads into sales.

If you ask any entrepreneur or business owner in this generation about their marketing strategies, there’s a big chance that they are utilizing the power of online advertising. This can be in the form of social media, search engine optimization, etc. Among all possible techniques used, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most expensive, but most effective, for driving traffic to your website.

PPC can help boost sales and increase conversion. However, this has not always been true for all. In this post, we will tackle the probable reasons why your pay-per-click advertisement leads fail to convert.

3 Reasons Why PPC Ads are Not Converting

You’re targeting the wrong audience

Your PPC ad might appear on the screens of millions of users. However, when they never respond back, this likely means that they are not interested because you have reached the wrong audience.

If you are only guesstimating the demographics and background of your target market, your PPC targeting will be deemed as ineffective. What you’re doing is simply a gamble.

Before launching and running your search engine marketing (SEM) campaign, make sure to have a clear understanding on the needs of your potential buyers.

Ad titles and descriptions are not enticing enough

PPC advertising entails showing your message (your pitch, offerings and the like) to consumers searching for items like your products.

Knowing what to write as your ad title and text might be overwhelming though, especially if you are dealing with PPC for the first time. You have to obtain the knowledge and practical experience first, before you can create and implement the right campaigns with appealing ad text.

Writing persuasive descriptions using a limited number of characters is quite a challenge. Remember to choose words that persuade and stand out from a page full of other listings also seeking the user’s attention.

The sales copy in your landing page is not compelling enough

Clicks on PPC ads do not provide value without the actual conversion or “buy-in.” Whenever users click on your PPC ad, they will be directed to your “landing page.” If your ad titles and description were successful in getting their interest, your landing page must provide them with valuable information that urges them to follow through on a purchase.

Conversion rates are directly dependent on the quality of your sales copy, and the use of effective call-to-action buttons which further push consumers to close. One of the best ways to encourage them to buy the product is by offering refunds should the product fail to meet the user’s expectations.

Another is to give them a one week trial (e.g. for software and online subscriptions) to have them engage in your solution. Once they try, they will be purchasing based on experience instead of trying to figure out your marketing messaging.


PPC advertising provides you the advantage of tightly targeting market segments and controlling your budget on a daily, weekly, monthly and/or annual basis. PPC is a great vehicle to market your business, but you will have to be patient to win some and lose a few as well.

Take time to learn the fundamentals of PPC. Not all campaigns will be successful for sure. You will be able to improve your PPC skills when you have learned which strategies are effective and which are not.

Author bio

Jessica Donnovan is a freelance writer, an aerobic Instructor and a frequent runner. She also manages her Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Franchise.Jessica is into almost all types of music and knows how to play the guitar. Follow her adventures on Twitter.

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