How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Increase Website Engagement

How to Use AI to Effectively Increase Engagement on A Website

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a concept found only in sci-fi movies and robots. For internet entrepreneurs, it is basically an integral part of our work.

As a retail business managing a website and wanting to attract more business, AI tools can be an avenue for growth and more conversions.

Established tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and IBM are highly invested in using AI tools to drive business.

It might surprise you to learn that 85% of online interactions will be completed with little-to-no human interaction by the end of 2020.

Many websites already use highly advanced AI technology to manage online sales, and there are many options available. Many website owners struggle to select the right tool(s) with so many available.

Let’s review some strategies and tools you can use for your own business.

Build on Customer Insights and Behaviors

When establishing a business online, you need to analyze how consumers behave when visiting your website.

When you adopt a more customer-centric experience on the website, customers will be more satisfied with the results your serve up via on-site search or personalized content.

AI software that specializes in searches can easily categorize your content into tags, labels, videos, text, and images.

AI models for search engines are easy to integrate into your website. Furthermore, they allow you to optimize the content through keywords, visuals, and metadata.

Pinterest is one of the best examples of using AI successfully, where users can search for an image using image recognition software.

We also see AI used on user experience-driven websites that offer niche services, such as dissertation writing services. This is an important development, because end-users are always looking for easier ways to find products or services they need.

Find Ways to Retarget Customers

One-time ad impressions will do little to drive quality traffic to your website. Most web users will not visit a site they see for the first time.

However, when people see an advertisement repeatedly, they may become more curious about your brand and offering. Customer insights can to be used to improve the sales cycle accordingly.

The online sales cycle has undergone somewhat of an evolution over recent years. AI technology is one way to stay up with it as it continues to morph over time.

Today, we have AI technologies available that can analyze user patterns, such as how long they spend on a specific area of the website.

This will allow you to preempt actions for their next visit, and also gain insights into products that earn attention from potential and existing buyers for new campaigns.

Retargeting and remarketing serves as a direct response to client needs. And you can optimize those efforts using data generated from AI tools, which can provide deep insights into customer behavior.

Use AI to Optimize Lead Generation Activities

Business websites often face challenges that the human mind may not be able to fully comprehend, explain, or report on. Lead generation is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today.

AI gives an online business the opportunity to develop predictive marketing strategies using sales reports and CRM technology.

Sites such as Getty Images have leveraged AI to optimize and improve on image searches for customers looking to buy stock images. Getty has used innovative AI to identify potential business, and deliver the right images to clients when they come looking for them.

Machine learning has certainly improved online operations for many companies, and it has proven to work in large volumes on a global scale.

Improve the Sales Process

Using AI, we can further optimize the entire sales process. In fact, it can eliminate the need to undertake dated practices like cold calling altogether.

The online world is changing how customers interact with service providers because of the influence of digital marketing.

Social media platforms have established themselves as viable marketing tools, offering boosted advertising and creating a new avenue for marketing services and products.

AI helps businesses create more of a direct relationship with the client, for example, using voice search to enhance the customer experience. AI systems have the ability to handle a variety of functions that not only ease the work for a sales team, but also boost engagement with clients.

Retailers have immensely benefited from AI, gaining an improved understanding of the potential and existing clients.

For instance, a clothing brand can use AI to match weather conditions to a client’s location. Then, you can personalize a recommendation for the perfect summer dress or winter coat given the season.

Personalize the User Experience

With machine learning technologies, companies in a range of industries can now personalize data and content within their overall website marketing efforts.

AI helps with advertising across mediums, by ensuring that each view is compatible with any device a potential client may be using.

Seamless user experience on any device has become central to the customer experience. Mobile applications, mobile websites and desktop websites tend to differ in how the user experiences them.

AI allows you to create an integrated experience that is most consistent with your brand, strengthening all of your campaign efforts.

Create a More Interactive Experience

Consumers are constantly looking for ways to ease their experience and when needed, easily get in touch with support. AI enables “conversational commerce,” which is built on top of functions such as visual, vocal, text, and predictive capabilities.

As your website grows, you will likely want to consider a chatbot technology to add a level of customer support. Chatbots have become an integral part of the online business, ensuring that a client receives automated support whenever possible to enhance efficiencies.

The instant response is convenient for the client. Chatbots can also be integrated with social media platforms, allowing you to extend the improved experience beyond your own website.

Integrate Intelligence Agents into Your Website

Intelligent agent negotiation systems have become popular with commercial website. These systems offer a range of functions that allow you to find buyers, facilitate transactions, and create a business infrastructure.

These agents are automated. Once coded, they have full control over their own actions.

Intelligence agents ensure an open line of communication for your clients, providing an “always on” sense of responsiveness from your website.


AI no longer represents something disconnected from the human experience, but rather a tool that personalizes the user experience.

AI has made it possible for businesses to easily reach and interact with millions of customers from across the world. This in turn transforms the way in companies can meet the needs of customers and prospects alike. The technology has also eased the work of the sales team and as well as digital marketers.

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