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Google Updates: How They Affect SEO Campaigns in 2017

Google changes its search algorithm frequently. But it is easy to overlook when changes happen, because Google does not announce it in most cases. The onus is on online marketers to detect the change, typically by witnessing noticeable changes in SEO performance after the fact. If you find some erratic SEO performance shifts and can’t…

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Management of SEO or PPC: Why Not Both?

The latest research shows that your company profits most when your SEO and PPC teams work together. Are you sure that is happening? Is your PPC campaign generating profits, or is it just another expense for your company? Have you locally optimized your campaign for mobile devices? Today we will find out how to can…

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5 Secrets to Build Your Online Reputation through Social Media

For a business to thrive, it must have a great reputation. The number of new clients you get is entirely dependent on that. Even moreso, the volume of repeat customers heavily relies on the overall reputation of your business / brand. In a society driven by social media and other online platforms, your online reputation…

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