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7 Common Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Video marketing has become a hot topic for marketers and entrepreneurs when pursuing business growth.

And the trend is just heating up, with videos quickly becoming one of the most popular content types available.

Think about it…video is a great format for people who just want a quick explanation or walk-through of a less simple process or topic.

Video content has been more widespread ever since specific social media platforms, such as YouTube and Twitter, emerged.

Many internet users are now consuming more visual content, rather than indulging in written content like blog posts and articles.

Graphic elements on images and videos help users digest what the message is all about. These users often need to be able to see the process or point visually, as opposed to reading text-based content.

For marketers who wans to capture their target audience’s attention faster, visually-focused content is the best way to do so.

In this case, videos are a great choice. because they include both sounds and images to help people understand messages more clearly and thoroughly.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a strategy using video content to deliver a brand’s message or to promote a service or product. Or perhaps the marketing team is aiming to persuade customers to make a specific choice.

Whether you want to drive sales or build your brand reputation, video marketing is a tool that helps achieve your goals.

Compared to traditional content marketing strategies, such as blog posts or press releases, marketing videos are a better choice in 2021.

Why? Because videos combine every element that helps humans process information better.

When reading a sponsored post, for example, people need to picture what writers are telling them.

Visualization helps them digest the information in order to accept and acknowledge it fully.

With videos, in particular, people can enjoy listening to the message while watching how moving images represent the entire narration.

You’ll also benefit from including closed captions, which are beneficial for those who speak other languages than narrated in the video.

7 Common Video Marketing Mistakes

1. Failing To Understand the Objective In Advance

Never start planning or filming a video without knowing where you want to direct your viewers, whether it be urging them to visit your website, subscribe to your channel, download the app, and such.

Clear goals will help guide the structure of your content, as well as how you create your videos from beginning to end.

Make sure you know what you want to pursue from the start. If you’re unsure, you can check the sales funnel and reflect on how you want to manage each stage in your buyer’s journey.

For example, when your goal is to convince viewers to buy your product or use your service, consider using explainer videos. You can also incorporate testimonials for a stronger nudge.

On the other hand, if you pursue a wider ranging exposure, how-to videos are great to go. They help people figure out how to fix a problem with the guidance of your videos.

2. Generating Video Content That Is Not Mobile-Friendly

There are many differences in how content gets viewed on a mobile device, as compared to watching it on a computer.

According to recent research, 66% of people who watch video do so on their phones, rather than on their computer. This is an important stat if you plan on creating and posting videos for marketing purposes.

Since mobile usage represents the majority of web searches and traffic now, you should be aware that people will visit/view on their phones much more frequently than from a desktop computer.

Even Google recommends going “mobile first.” Your content should be fully optimized for mobile landscape to ensure your message gets across and people watch your video content to the end.

3. Failing To Understand Your Target Audience

If you want to succeed at video marketing, you should prioritize understanding the needs and wants of your target audience.

Remember that people will only resonate with content when it reflects their needs or interests. Therefore, viewers tend to finish a video when it matches what they seek.

If your target audience is Generation Z, it’s important to know what types of video they will most likely seek online.

Figure out what they like and understand their language, so you can create the right video to fit their interests and capture their attention.

For example, use memes or infuse current trends into your video marketing strategy when approaching this generation.

Make sure your offer is customer-friendly, so they can sense a quick connection with your brand.

4. Using The Wrong Keywords

Did you know that keywords play an essential role in every marketing strategy?

Whether it’s traditional content marketing such as blog posts, or the latest formats like videos or infographics, you need to use the right keywords to generate traffic and attract new followers.

Keywords have a big role in succeeding with any business online. Keywords searches are the first place people turn when trying to find answers to their problems.

If you pick the wrong keywords, you’ll make it much harder for current and potential customer to find you.

Instead, they will be directed to competitors who do a better job of targeting keywords that are relevant to your business.

5. Presenting Confusing Messages

If your video does not have a clear message within the first few seconds, you will likely lose your audience’s interest.

Instead of making their brains work hard to figure out what your company is all about, give them the information they need right away.

Most marketers know that online videos are one of the most effective communication channels today. Unfortunately, too many of them continue to make mistakes while creating and promoting their brands, products, and services.

6. Focusing Too Much On Selling

Although the purpose of video marketing is to sell more of your products or services, that doesn’t mean your message should be a hard sell and nothing more.

Always remember to focus on the benefits your visitors will get in order for them to be interested in what you are promoting.

Avoid making videos simply to promote your business or website. It’s not just about displaying logos and asking people to subscribe. It’s about offering something of value instead.

7. Unclear Call-to-Action

One of the biggest video marketing mistakes we see is failing to include a clear Call-to-Action (CTA).

A good CTA helps viewers know what they should do after watching your video. It could be subscribing to your channel, buying a product, or simply visiting your website.

If you don’t have a CTA yet, now’s the perfect time to create one.

Keep in mind that your CTA should urge viewers to take immediate action. Phrase your words clearly, so people know what to do after watching your video.

Make sure to use short but compelling language that gives viewers an urge to follow through on it immediately.

Conclusion: Avoid Video Marketing Mistakes

Video marketing has become a much more common element of marketing campaigns in recent years.

Whether it’s to build an audience, raise awareness about your product, or generate sales, video marketing makes sense for every stage of the sales funnel.

Be sure to approach video in a way that will work for you. You may still need a bit more experience to avoid all mistakes, but hopefully this post helped to set you up for a higher chance of success.

After all, not every marketing campaign succeeds. You need to understand what makes it work and what fails to work.

Keep in mind that this is an ongoing learning process. Take time to understand why mistakes happen when they do. This will help  you do a better job of planning your next video marketing campaign with fewer or no mistakes.

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