How to reach your first 5K YouTube Followers

7 Efficient Ways to Boost Your YouTube Marketing

YouTube marketing is one of the most efficient ways to get your business noticed online.

No matter whether you’re a business or a social media influencer, YouTube is for everyone. It can help you grow your brand online using the richest of media: videos.

With YouTube marketing, you can quickly increase brand awareness among internet users across the globe. YouTube is one of the most valued and appreciated marketing channels on the web.

It is also a useful tool for brands who wish to engage with their audiences. Video is one of the best mediums underneath the content marketing umbrella.

There are more than 1.8 billion monthly users on YouTube. The popularity of YouTube is unbeatable. It is the home for online videos.

If you’re into making videos, you should take full advantage of this platform to create awareness for your brand.

As mentioned above, there are already billions of users on this platform. It is not easy to achieve success on such a competitive platform.

You need to have a robust YouTube marketing strategy.

Users find video content to be more attractive than text-based content. Therefore, you need to create content which is more personalized and can produce better engagement than blogs, eBooks, whitepapers, and photos.

Ways to Boost Your YouTube Marketing Results

We have pulled together seven important steps to include in your YouTube marketing efforts.

Let’s get right to the steps now:

  1. Do the Appropriate Research

Always conduct research before starting something new.

The proper research on YouTube marketing will help you learn and identify things that you need to focus on. It will help you get ideas.

You’ll also see what competitors are doing online. Competitive research is one of the keys to understand what you need to do that will help you leapfrog those competitors.

Observe the topics they have covered. See how many videos they upload and what kind of content works for your industry.

Try to make videos around issues that have not been covered by other creators.

  1. Create Meaningful and Creative Content

If you want to create useful video content, it is essential to understand that on YouTube, you have to work a little different.

You cannot just present the facts and expect your audiences to engage. Viewers will love your videos only if you present something new and interesting, and in a unique way.

Otherwise, the customer will likely abandon and look for better videos to consume. In some cases, they might even stop engaging with your channel.

Make detailed videos and talk about every important aspect related to your product or the service. Or even better, cover the problems your target audience is facing that you solve. This will create interest in a solution like yours, so the buyers might come to you!

Start thinking this way; then you’ll find it much easier to come up with not only ideas but better quality content. Focus on making your videos more valuable and unique.

  1. Add Descriptive Titles to Videos

The title or heading is the first thing that the audience will see. It is very important to have an attractive title that entices the users to click on the video.

Keep it short and relevant. Do not add anything irrelevant to attract audiences. It may bring them to the video, but they may hate it and give you negative feedback in the comments or via a “thumbs down” rating.

Here are some essential things to keep in mind for writing strong YouTube titles to videos:

  • Short, Simple, Attractive – Make sure you follow the KISS principle and keep your title short.
  • Add your keyword at the beginning of the title– Use your target keywords at the start of the title. It has to be catchy and keyword appropriate. Using keywords will improve SEO for your YouTube videos both on the platform and on Google as well.
  1. Add Calls-to-Action for Users

If you want to succeed with video marketing on YouTube, you’ll need to have goals for what success means. Based on those goals, you can then craft relevant CTAs in the video, description, or transcription.

Perhaps you want people to subscribe to the channel or follow you on social media. Maybe you want the to visit your website and download an ebook. The possibilities are only limited by your own imagination.

When considering your options, try to select a CTA that matches well to the type of video you’re publishing.

For example — If it’s an introductory video, you can ask them to leave a comment or like and subscribe to your channel.

Ask for suggestions  about the type of content they would like to see on your channel. Try to make it as interesting as you can.

  1. Link to Your Website

This may seem simple, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to include a link to their website on their video descriptions.

Always link to your website on your channel, for starters. You can even add more links in the channel’s sidebar. These are outstanding ways to drive traffic back to your official website.

Some other ideas worth considering:

  • Add your website name in the description box of each video.
  • Add a link in the footnote or subtitles within your videos.
  • Add previous video links, as well as links to all your social media pages in your videos.

Ask the viewers to follow you on social media and follow the blog for more information. If you integrate the efforts, you’ll reap better rewards over time.

  1. Run Giveaways and Contests

If you want to get your audience more engaged, consider giving away prizes on your YouTube channel.

One approach is to create a giveaway, and make it compulsory to subscribe to your channel and engage with your videos to win. With a single giveaway video, you will be able to encourage likes and comments.

People love when they get something for free. Giveaways are effective for channels looking to grow their number of subscribers.

Promise to give rewards if they follow all the rules. Announce the winner on the decided date. Always follow through with what you promise, to ensure your audience doesn’t lose trust and unfollow you as a result.

  1. Collaborate with Others

Collaborating is one of the most effective ways to get your content disseminated across different target groups. By working with other influencers, you’ll be able to connect with new audiences.

Collaborating will help you get exposure to their audience.  Start with micro or niche influencers. Do it right, and one day you might be able to collaborate with more prominent YouTube creators.

There are so many video creators who collaborate. For this, all you have to do is reach out to them with an idea. Share your plan with them and then create it together to get the best YouTube result.


Videos are everywhere. There are so many video creation applications. But, people still find YouTube to be the best platform. In fact, it is the world’s second-largest search engine after its parent company, Google.

YouTube has its own audience. It has a very wide reach.

If you want to succeed on YouTube, you need to create content which is unique and valuable. Know your audience and then create videos. Use the strategies mentioned above to make your plan more effective. Use YouTube to promote your brand and increase your brand presence.

The task is not just limited to creation on YouTube. You also need to promote your videos.

Share your videos on social media platforms. Embed them in your blog posts. Use video content in every way possible to help boost your YouTube marketing reach.

If you are thinking of creating a YouTube channel for your company or brand, you should keep these things in mind. Invest your time in planning and researching to avoid struggling with the content when you start.

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