Why White Hat SEO is The Only Way You Should Pursue Rankings

Want to be at the top of the SERPs for your most important search keywords?

Everyone wants to be on top of Google’s results. Why? Because you’ll get more traffic, and subsequently, more sales.

How you get to the top also depends on the kind of SEO that you’re doing.

Some don’t want to put in the hard work of actually building up their audience and content, so they resort to black hat methods.

This includes putting in their desired keyword every other sentence, computing for the exact percentage of anchor texts and paying other shoddy websites to put up their links.

Others spam forums with web links in hopes that a few people will click on it.

This isn’t what Google wants.

White Hat Is The Only Way You Should Be Doing SEO

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new startup or an established local business looking to expand its presence online.

You’ll quickly find that White Hat SEO is the only sustainable strategy for ranking.

Plus, it’s one of the easiest ways to rank on major search engines without having to jump through hoops as complicated as rocket science.

White hat promises the right kind of visitors heading your way.

You’ll get the conversions you need to keep going. More importantly, you’ll get the kind of exposure that equals success.

But it doesn’t happen overnight. The good thing is that once you start on the white hat path, you’ll be going in one direction and one direction only: UP!

You won’t have to be afraid of algorithm updates and your site losing the top rank if you go with White Hat SEO practices only.

Let’s take a look at how you can do white hat SEO and why it isn’t as hard as other “experts” say it is.

White Hat SEO Is Easy

Its not the fast way to get results, but in terms of strategy going forward, it’s pretty simple.

There are two basic components to kick off your SEO strategy: quality content and link building.

Let’s have a close look on how each of these elements can position your website to stand the test of time.

SEO Success – Content Is King

The whole SEO process starts when you do on-site optimization.

Content is the underlying structure and foundation of any website.

This means that content has a direct effect on how well Google will perceive your blog.

Content can mean the difference between you shooting up to the top of your niche or not being seen at all.

Instead of thinking what’s good for your site, you should focus more on what your audience will want to read.

It should be audience-oriented, which means that you should cater to the users who will be searching for answers on the web.

Content should be well-written, entertaining and polished. If you get this right, readers will not hesitate to share it within their social circles.

You get the rewards of getting more exposure and bringing awareness to your brand.

Don’t rush it! The content should be easy to read. It should have substance, and the people who read it must have learned something from it at the end.

Web owners will want to know on behalf of their visitors that such insightful and informative content exists. This is the basis of how backlinking begins.

More Traffic? You’ll Need Relevant Backlinks

In order to be really successful with SEO, you’ll need to build relationships.

Part of ranking up on search results require you to be somewhat of an authority on other similar niche websites.

Take a look at the most popular and well-known websites that are similar to yours.

Reach out to them and offer your quality content as potential links from their domain.

The key thing here is to let them think that you have something of value to provide them.

You get two benefits from building up quality, relevant backlinks.

First, you’ll rank up on search queries that matter most. When Google’s bots see various links coming from high quality websites pointing to you, then they’ll rank up your site accordingly.

Next, you’ll get the traffic because your website stays up on top. This goes both ways — coming up with an ultimate guide will make other sites link to it.

Before you know it, you’re getting hits from interested audiences who want to know more about what you’re offering.

Don’t Forget To Optimize For Mobile

User experience effectively backs up relationship building and content creation. There are a number of ways on how you can do this — mainly, making your website speedy, responsive and appealing to the eyes.

Web architecture will make it easier for visitors to navigate through your site. It shouldn’t take more than two clicks to get to where your visitors need to go.

Your framework should be set up in a way that major search engines can crawl and index your site.

Optimize on-page SEO such as the page structure, content and headlines. It’s a no-brainer that your site should load up in just a few seconds.

You may need to consider signing up on a web hosting platform that offers 99% uptime.

More than that, your site must be optimized for responsive viewing on smaller screens and have a secure connection.


Success doesn’t happen overnight.

Keep going at your white hat SEO strategies, and you’ll eventually find yourself getting the lion’s share of traffic with organic visitors!


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