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7 SEO Tools for Streamlining Your Campaigns

You’ll find it very difficult, if not impossible to run a successful traffic growth strategy without the proper SEO tools on hand.

Every aspect of the optimization process, from research to link building, will have a number of tools that can streamline the necessary subtasks beneath that strategy.

There is such an array of choices, though, that you can easily complicate the process by adding too many elements. To avoid this problem, find software that covers the major bases. This way, you can spend your time focused on efficiency.

SEO Tools That Will Help You Succeed

The following tools can improve the main aspects of an SEO campaign, focusing on keyword research, link building, rank tracking, on-page optimization, and content marketing.

SEO Tools:

A keyword tool is essential for SEO, helping you to understand the search terms for which you should optimize. While the Google Keyword Planner provides plenty of useful information, it can be difficult to identify long tail keywords for which you can quickly rank., however, provides around 750 suggestions, covering various platforms like Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, and eBay. In a short period, the tool will offer an extensive list of words you can begin targeting.


SEO Tools: Ranktracker

Keeping track of rankings with Ranktracker lets you see your progress by helping you focus attention on successful pages. You may find, for example, that a page is ranking for a keyword you weren’t anticipating.

By tweaking the content slightly and continuing to promote it, the page could move into a more prominent position. Rank tracking is also necessary if you do SEO on behalf of clients, with ranking reports helping to show real progress.

Dr. Link Check

SEO Tools: Dr. Link Check

Dr. Link Check focuses on an important technical aspect of SEO: broken links. Nobody likes broken links – not you, not me, and certainly not Google.

Keeping your website free of 404 and other link-related errors shows that the site is well-maintained and supported.

Finding broken links is easy with Dr. Link Check: simply enter the URL of your website and hit “Start Check.” The service will crawl your entire site and give a detailed report about links that need to be fixed.

Google Search Console

SEO Tools: Google Search Console

The Google Search Console offers a range of tools for webmasters to see how Google views a website. The platform will tell you the number of indexed pages, identifying any issues that prevent crawling.

It is also possible to see sites linking to you so that you can locate any problematic backlinks. If you have links that will affect you negatively, it is possible to disavow them directly through the Search Console.


SEO Tools: GTmetrix

The loading speed of a website has taken on greater significance in recent years. Slow loading times provide a negative user experience, so it makes sense to include it in the algorithm.

GTmetrix analyzes the performance levels of a page, using Google PageSpeed and Yahoo! YSlow to provide a comprehensive score.

The tool will then offer recommendations for improvements, allowing you to make some easy performance gains quickly.


SEO Tools: ahrefs

Most people involved in SEO will have a go-to tool that covers a lot of bases. Ahrefs, one of the most popular of this kind, focuses on competitor research and backlinks.

As the suite of tools continues to grow, some of them have become mainstays. This includes the ability to find which keywords competitors rank for, where their backlinks come from, and how difficult it will be to rank for them.

Along with the various tools within the dashboard, you can attach a toolbar to your browser for added simplicity.


SEO Tools: BuzzSumo

Content marketing is one of the most effective solutions for SEO today. However, you need to make use of data if you want your content to resonate with the right audiences.

BuzzSumo is among the most established tools for content marketers, providing analysis of top performing content and the most popular influencers.

You can quickly find which content gets shared most within your niche, where it gets promoted, what influencers promote it, and many other helpful facts.

Conclusion: SEO Tools Can Drive Improvements

SEO tools are readily available to assist you, allowing you to save time and devote resources into the right areas.

All too often, though, site owners hope various software products can produce results with little extra effort.

It is possible to automate many SEO processes, but you still need to be actively monitoring and managing your campaigns.

When you can build a suite of tools, focusing on the software that is necessary, it is possible to streamline your campaigns and devote energy to the areas that require it the most.

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