New Return On Now Website Hosted on WP Engine

New Site Live on WP Engine – Just in Time For SXSWi!

Today, I am excited to unveil a brand new website for Return On Now. This redesign has been in the works for some time now, and we are happy to have it live in time for this year’s South By Southwest Interactive Conference (SXSWi).

The new site is improved in many ways, several of which are important for SEO and User Experience. As an internet marketing consulting services company, we felt the need to illustrate firsthand how a good website should be managed. We are very proud of our new home page:

New Site Objectives

The journey to get this new website live has taken several months, and we have run into some very interesting challenges along the way. One huge lesson is to do your homework thoroughly before choosing a theme. Before settling on this one, we kicked tires on a couple of others. We even bought one, WP-Touch, which was far oversold and would have required a lot of additional work to make it presentable.

So as we learned a couple of lessons through trial and error, we never lost sight of our objectives.

  1. Make a massive improvement in overall professional appearance of the site
  2. Improve usability and user experience
  3. Enhance site health metrics, such as time on site, bounce rate, and average pageviews
  4. Improve site performance and page load time significantly
  5. Build the site on a more secure WordPress back end

Although the site is still hot off the presses, we have managed to accomplish all of the above. But it did require one important change that may not be apparent on first glance: we needed new hosting.

Why Host with WP Engine?

I first came to know about WP Engine nearly a year ago when a colleague of mine, Austin Gunter, joined the Austin WP Engine Team as blogger and community manager. He was kind enough to outline for me exactly what the company offers, and I must say, the value proposition is rock solid.

  • Optimized Page Load Times
  • Free Baked-In CDN With Standard Plan
  • Industry-Leading Reliability and Security for WordPress Sites
  • Consistent Up-Time
  • Month-to-Month Contracts with No Sign Up Fees

Plain and simply, these guys rock. If you manage a WordPress website, check them out by clicking the image below. They aren’t much more expensive than many standard hosting plans, and the optimized performance and security for WordPress is worth the additional investment.

Managed WordPress Hosting from WP Engine

Do you have a website hosted on WP Engine? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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As Founder and President of Return On Now, Tommy Landry provides the vision behind our SEO and SEM methodologies. With over 25 years of business experience and a deep understanding of modern internet marketing techniques, he spends his time providing hands-on consulting, insightful content, and engaging public speaking appearances to Online Marketers of all skill levels.
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