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How SaaS SEO Helps Increase Leads and Grow Your Business

Most successful businesses are built on top of a brilliant idea. Of course, you’ll need to work hard to actually build on top of the idea and make it a success. Failure to execute is the reason that less than 25% of new businesses make it longer than 15 years. Specific areas of failure can…

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The Secret to A Successful Business Concept

Most of my more recent blog posts have been focused on specific internet marketing concepts, such as SEO, SEM, content marketing, social media, etc. However, if you have been reading my work since our earlier days, you already know that we started out covering a broader spectrum of business subjects. Today, I am taking a…

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Small Business Social Funding:

I recently learned of a cool new website via my ongoing social networking, and I was impressed enough with the idea to share with you here on Return On Now.

For those of you who interact with me on Twitter, surely you’ve seen the materials I’ve been sharing regarding the difficulty of getting your hands on financing or investment capital for your small business ventures. Credit markets have been squeezed to a pulp, it has been challenging to figure out how decisions are being made at the SBA, and angel investors and venture firms are being more cautious than we’ve seen in years when doling out funds. What’s an entrepreneur to do?

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