The Most Overlooked Content Marketing Tools in 2022

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Online marketing may seem like a cut-and-dry process. But according to expert Jeff Bullas, “The reality is that being found online requires constant SEO activity and content creation, publishing, and marketing.” To accomplish this productively, you’ll need to tap into the profusion of content marketing tools and the insights they offer.

Advancements in technology have led to the constant development of such tools to help businesses achieve higher efficiency and productivity. You may not, however, be using the full potential of some of these tools.

In this post, we’ll shed light on eight of the most overlooked content marketing tools that can improve your workflow. In addition, we’ll also walk you through some of their most powerful features and how you can use them to level up your content marketing.

So, let’s get into it!

Quuu Promote

Quuu Promote Content Marketing Tool

Content is nothing without engagement, and Quuu understands that.

It does not matter how much value your content offers or how top-notch your designs are. If your target audience fails to see or engage with your posts, it all boils down to nothing.

This is where Quuu Promote comes into the picture.

In a time when every business is trying to excel in terms of reach and engagement, Quuu Promote can give you an advantage. basically, it helps you distribute your blog content across several relevant social media profiles and, of course, their related audiences.

The Best Part

The process is very straightforward. All you have to do is submit your content and its RSS feed!

In addition, this content curation platform also helps you track your shares, allowing you to see how well your content is performing and how you can improve on the numbers.

Finally, we should also mention that Quuu Promote offers additional features, such as content personalization, automated posts (on up to 100 social profiles), and community discovery.

Surfer SEO: AI-Powered Outlines

Surfer SEO AI Content Tool

With the current trajectory of technology, there is little doubt that artificial intelligence is here to stay. Unfortunately, while many other industries use AI to optimize their operations, many content marketers have dropped the ball.

As a result, only a few people have realized the potential of Surfer SEO and their AI-powered outline generator — a tool that helps you build article or blog post outlines within minutes.

AI-powered outlines provide unique, optimized content in well-structured paragraphs with relevant headings. Aside from the tool providing ready-to-go content, it also allows you to quickly adapt the content to suit your brand tone and voice.

No doubt, you’ll save significant time and energy using this tool.

Pro Tip

Use AI technology as a complementary service, not a replacement.

Regardless of how impressive the results of AI-powered outlines are, we recommend treading carefully when you use this tool.

Search engines (especially Google) do not take kindly to websites that use AI-generated content. As a result, if they flag AI-spun content on your website, they may ban that content, or worse, blacklist your entire domain.

Just imagine the negative impact this situation would have on your visibility and engagement. Thankfully, using AI moderately in your content and adding a human touch to brush things up conveniently solves this issue.

We should also mention that Surfer SEO offers SEO-targeted suggestions to help boost the rankings of the content you create. The tool includes special algorithms that can help you improve your chances of landing on the first page for your most coveted SERPs and keywords.

Mojomox Marketing Template Creator

Mojomox Marketing Template Creator

Many business owners now use DIY design software to create their business cards, marketing flyers, and more. Unfortunately, many of these platforms promise significantly more than they offer.

Not Mojomox, though.

With the marketing template creator from Mojomox, you can create impressive, aesthetically pleasing graphics — from your LinkedIn company background to newsletters for your email marketing and Instagram posts — in minutes, even without expert design experience.

Mojomox offers unlimited template options with ample customization freedom to create appealing marketing content for your target audience. In addition, Mojomox’s marketing template creator will also go a long way in ensuring that you stay consistent in your branding and designs.

Pro Tip

Speaking of branding, Mojomox offers tools for designing unique logos and fonts for your business. You can even create a brand kit for your organization with this platform.

In other words, you can cater to all your design and branding needs from one platform — Mojomox.

Envato Instagram Story Templates

Envato Elements Instagram Story Templates

The quality and appeal of your content marketing graphics can significantly improve your click rates and even conversions — if you get it right. Getting it right is usually the issue, right? Well, not anymore.

With Instagram story templates from Envato, you can quickly ramp up the graphic quality of the content you send to your Instagram Stories.

With this tool, you can choose the perfect template for your brand’s style and needs from thousands of options. In addition, you can also customize colors and several other details once you pick a template.

Aside from offering much creative freedom, Envato’s Instagram story templates also ensure consistency in your visual content. Since you already have a template, all you have to do is edit and adapt it to each new post. So, you get professionally designed and visually appealing graphics without investing too much time.

The Best Part

Interestingly, Envato’s offerings for content marketers go beyond Instagram.

Envato also offers video content marketing features, such as logo templates, video transitions, titles, etc., that can come in handy on YouTube or your own website. So, if you’re looking for a one-stop hub for visual content marketing, Envato is where to look.

ClickUp Notepad

ClickUp Notepad Content Marketing Tool

Today, ClickUp is one of the most popular project management tools, and for good reason. It integrates seamlessly with numerous third-party apps, allowing for more efficient workflow management and operations.

But did you know ClickUp also has a built-in notepad that offers even more organizational capabilities?

With ClickUp Notepad, you can create side notes, checklists, to-dos, and more from the same place. Even more, the notepad syncs across all the platforms on which you have installed ClickUp. This feature allows you to keep track of your tasks and notes across all platforms — PC, smartphone, and web.

Pro Tip

Some platforms that ClickUp merges with include 7geese, Monday, Slack, Lattice, and Jira. Depending on your business needs, you can achieve improved management efficiency by integrating your ClickUp account with these platforms.

Grammarly Writing Assistant

Grammarly Writing Assistant


A common mistake among content marketers is focusing on creating the content without bothering about the grammar. While this is an understandable oversight, it is inexcusable.

It does not matter whether you are designing a flyer or writing a newsletter. Littering your content with grammatical mistakes will drop its overall quality and water down the information.

Therefore, combing through your content for relevance and grammatical soundness is vital. Thankfully, Grammarly is up to this task!

Grammarly goes through your content to identify and highlight mistakes in your grammar, typographical errors, and related oversights that can reduce the quality of your content.

For example, if you are using Windows messaging tools for corporate and business communication, you can rely on the Grammarly integration to suggest how to fix all the possible issues. But that is not all.

Pro Tip

Grammarly also allows you to tailor your content for a specific audience by choosing the tone of the write-up, its intended audience, and even how formal the content is.

With this capability, you can be sure you’re putting out accurate content that will definitely appeal to your target audience.

Hotjar Heatmaps

Hotjar Heatmaps

Even if you use the best budgeting software for businesses to spell out your marketing allocation, the results will depend on your precise marketing tools and how you use them. This is where Hotjar Heatmaps can help.

A heatmap is a data visualization tool that measures behavioral (e.g. click) data as a color in two dimensions. In other words, the higher the results of the measurements, the hotter the color.

So, how does this translate to content marketing?

With Hotjar Heatmaps, you can see the areas of a website where users click and spend the most time, along with the areas they ignore. This way, you gain insight into the parts of your website that most appeal to your audience. You can then analyze this information to improve your website content and adjust the user experience when needed.

For instance, if your users spend more time on specific content pages and ignore others, it may be a good idea to replicate the high-traffic pages on the less-active ones. You may even remove the dormant pages and approach your content creation differently.

The Best Part

The data from Hotjar Heatmaps can also help you craft future content so you can meet your audience members at their pain points.

BuzzSumo Content Ideas Generator

BuzzSumo Content Ideas Generator

While SEO is one of the best ways to achieve high visibility and gain engagement on the internet, it is not the only way. Jumping on trending topics can also boost your content marketing efforts — if only while that particular topic or news item is trending.

But how do you know what is trending?

The BuzzSumo content ideas generator shows you trending topics, thereby providing a ton of inspiration for new marketing content.

In addition to pointing you in the direction of trends, BuzzSumo can also give you insight into questions related to a specific subject matter. In other words, the questions users search for answers to on the internet are at your fingertips.

Unfortunately, many content marketers do not capitalize on this feature.

Pro Tip

Consider including an FAQ section in your blog posts. This type of content can boost your chances of ranking for long-tail keywords and showing up under the “People Also Ask” section of the SERPs.

We should also mention that BuzzSumo can help you monitor the performance of your content and provide insight into how you can improve your content marketing strategy. Here, you can think about what you get with Google Analytics.

Finally, BuzzSumo also allows you to collaborate with influencers to increase the reach of your content.

Wrapping It Up

Knowledge is power, they say. Hopefully, our compilation of some of the most overlooked content marketing tools has equipped you with the insight you need to take your marketing to the next level.

Remember, tools can only deliver the best results if you know how to use them properly. So, take your time to learn how each tool works and how to capitalize on the various features they offer.

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