Top 5 Instagram Tips Web Designers Should Follow

Top 5 Instagram Tips Web Designers Should Follow

Instagram has more potential than just developing an attractive feed. People don’t solely always post mindless selfies there.

No matter what people think, you simply cannot develop a successful account just by posting images. While you may have a cursory understanding about marketing, you will have to enhance your skills if you want to grow your brand or create an engaging community.

Instagram is a highly creative platform that can provide many benefits if used wisely. The sophisticated web designs on your online portfolio are one of the most important tools you can use to represent your brand professionally and showcase your creativity.

However, it’s not as easy as you think.

Instagram Tips for Designers

Regardless of how talented you might be, don’t be too proud to accept guidance from others or an extra push in the right direction if it will help you improve your popularity.

In this post, we will discuss five important Instagram tips to follow as a web designer. These will not only help you to develop stunning visuals but also enhance your online presence on the social media platform.

Optimize Your Bio

Your bio is one of the first important things to get right on Instagram. It will help you create a good first impression when new people see your profile.

The bio helps your new and existing followers get a quick summary of your offers, your potential, and most importantly, who you are. This is the main reason why you should show off your creativity and skills on the Instagram bio.

Instagram allows a maximum of 150 characters in the bio section. Hence, you should focus on adding some important points.

You can add your name, an interesting introduction of yourself and your brand, and relevant hashtags. Additionally, include a link to your website or design portfolio as well as a CTA.

If you have multiple websites, then you can use some tools that allow you to include multiple websites on your Instagram bio. When you include websites, you’ll be able to provide one of the best portfolio websites within the relevant field.

If you want to boost the engagement and reach of your post, you can nudge the account into motion with as little as 20 Instagram likes.

Always Be Social

Never underestimate the enormous power of interacting with your target community on Instagram. That may seem like a given, but we cannot take it for granted or dismiss it.

Not only will this deliver a positive signal to the algorithms of Instagram, but will also help you strengthen the bond with your fans and admirers. Not to mention, it will improve the performance and engagement of your Instagram posts.

Being social or socially active means visiting your follower’s profiles. You can also reply to their comments on your feed.

Additionally, don’t forget to build relationships by chatting. But don’t just send emojis or simple greetings. Be honest with them and send them authentic replies that can improve communication.

Collaborate With Other Web Designers

If you want to usher in win-win situations, be sure to focus on exchanging your skills and ideas with other designers and Instagram creators.

For instance, if you have skills at designing business cards, but have poor skills in product photography, take help from a friend who is skillful in that particular area. You can complement each other’s skills and help each other in the less confident areas.

You can also pinpoint famous Instagram accounts that promote various designers’ and artists’ works and try to get featured on that page. Many brands that have millions of followers have their dedicated hashtags. You can use them to attract relevant audiences to your work.

In some cases, you can contact them directly by submitting your work. If they are impressed with it, then they will surely feature you in their design magazine. Should you earn that honor, it will ultimately help you to gain more exposure.

Don’t Forget to Add CTAs

As per Forbes, a CTA, also known as a “Call-To-Action”, is a promotional opportunity that you should add to your Instagram profile.

Rather than adding a raw link to your portfolio website, consider including CTAs within your bio. This will help you invite people to read your latest article or blog post, check out your work and your profile, vote for their preferred designs, or anything else that can boost the engagement rate.

If you have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram, you can use the ‘swipe up’ option on your Instagram stories that will send your followers directly to the specified website.

Last but not least, if your Instagram profile is set to business, you can add action buttons. This will allow your followers to see your contact details and email address alongside followers and the option to follow you.

Take Advantage of Hashtags

Hashtags with massive followings are very much overrated. When you use extra popular hashtags, your content will easily get lost in the vast crowd. That’s why it is better to use a combination of popular and obscure hashtags.

Additionally, try to use local hashtags to showcase your web design abilities on Instagram. Research the hashtags your local buddies are using and adopt the relevant hashtags.


When you follow these tips, it will help you enhance the impression volumes and reach of your posts. It will also help rapidly boost the number of users who check out your profile and the website linked in your bio.

However, don’t get carried away with all the seriousness of promotion. Sometimes, you have to put aside the numbers and just have fun with the process. After all, your main focus is fulfilling your passion and perusing what you love most.

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