User Experience for Content Marketing

User Experience Is More Than Usability [Slideshow]

How often do you hear business and marketing pros refer to user experience and usability as the same concept?

It’s true that usability is a key component of user experience design, without question. But they are absolutely different ideas.

User Experience (UX) for Content Marketing

On Friday September 27, 2013, I conducted a training for local Austin Content Marketing Meetup group focused on User Experience, specifically, what it really is and how we can manage it. This goes beyond the website, beyond email marketing, beyond social, to the true overall impact it has on branding of your company itself.

The first part of the presentation talks about UX and what it is not, followed by my simple assertion of what it is at its core. Then we talk about the user. It is very important to know whom you are marketing to, and the presentation looks at some leading ways to do it, followed by our recommended psychographic approach.

Then we concluded with a very lively open discussion about a list of creative examples I dug up on the internet over the past month or two. Take note of the slide just before the examples – it tells you what the focal areas of the exercise were. Feel free to play at home – the attendees seemed to really enjoy trying to guess what targeting each sample used. In some cases, there were great arguments made for different answers. The fun was in the discussion, without a doubt.

Thank you to Jenny Magic and all of the organizers at the Austin Content Marketing Meetup. This is one of the better meetup groups in Austin, and is growing rapidly this year. If you are local to Austin, come check one of them out. I am positive that you will not be disappointed.

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