Social Media Web Design can Drive Incremental Revenues

How Social Media Web Design Can Help Drive Revenue

When you are running a business, you have to be at the top of your game at all times. It’s important to constantly seek out ways to expand your business and generate increasing revenues over time.

Your website is an important piece of the entire success formula. Don’t settle for a merely “good” website. Find ways to future proof it, as well as different tactics that will help you increase sales volumes over time.

“Social media web design,” as I like to refer to it, is one of the easiest ways to optimize for success.

This post will illustrate the importance and significance of having an excellent social media web design, when aiming to boost your business growth in unique ways.

How Does Social Media Web Design Work?

Social media web design helps your expand you reach beyond the typical strategies such as search engine optimization and email marketing.

I view it as akin to the old dictum, which states that even a single blade of grass can get used as a weapon if it is used wisely.

Think of social media web design as another blade of grass in your website promotion arsenal.

Obviously, if you have a well built website with plenty of content already, you should be able to attract visitors using SEO and other methods. And content is a must even before thinking about adding social media web design to your site.

Social media offers a range of different formats and platforms that can help you earn additional visits to your website.

Twitter can drive a great deal of traffic if you help make it super easy for readers to share a full post / page or even a snippet to their followers.

Memes can often go viral and show up on one of many platforms. Google Plus can drive traffic.

Even Pinterest might be beneficial to your business if visuals are important to your success in any way.

And of course, if you make videos, YouTube and other multimedia sharing sites can be of great use to you in promoting your website.

While the processes for succeeding at SEO are well established and repeatable, these tactics take time and are already very clear cut.

Social media, on the other hand, opens up an unlimited number of promotional activities only limited by your own creativity and imagination!

Why This Matters

Social media web design may be a new concept to you, but it is very much a real strategy. I’ve seen less popular websites step up their game with this strategy and grow traffic in record time. So why not try it for yourself?

How did this work for those websites? By increasing how interactive the page is and also by making it very easy for readers to share. With more static websites, business owners are simply overlooking a lot of upside that is there for the taking.

The Beauty of Social Media Web Design Pages

Social media web design can turn “dead pages” into live and popular pages overnight. Social media optimization will help to engage your visitors, encouraging them to spend more time on your website due to the increase in interactive functionality.

For instance, visitors can find other like-minded people on social media to engage with. If you prioritize designing your website with social media optimization techniques, you will find that traffic as well as engagement increases in tandem.

If you need more from your website, social media-focused web design just might be the perfect answer. And once the traffic is there, your odds of increasing conversions and more closed sales will increase as well.

Common Misconceptions to Avoid

A lot of internet marketers may be naysayers on this topic. Some will see social media web design as overdoing it from a design perspective.

Those marketers are missing the point. Designing for “social media friendliness” is an additional layer on top of “traditional” web design.

The web is driven by mobile search and social media engagement, so both should be equally considered in your design efforts.

Now don’t get me wrong…I’m not advocating you turn your back on tried and true SEO techniques to focus elsewhere. The two are fully complementary, and social shares / engagement can help others find your content.

Once your content is found, you will see an increased likelihood that other website owners will link to your website. As any seasoned SEO will tell you, links are the lifeblood of organic rankings.


Social media web design will make your page more engaging. It will draw in more visitors for your website, and increase their interactions with your business.

Social media web design is a new concept, but it has already taken the world by storm. It puts a lot of focus on making the consumer come to the seller (inbound marketing), rather than the seller taking the initiative to go and sell his wares to the consumer (outbound marketing). And social media is a huge piece of inbound marketing success.

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