Top 5 PPC Research Tools

5 Best PPC Keyword Research Tools

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is one of the most profitable digital channels available today. If you build it out properly, you will be able to expect a high return on investment.

You can create holistic digital marketing campaigns by including this channel in your arsenal.

Many small business owners overlook or ignore PPC, since it requires a not-so-small financial investment to launch and keep running. This is the wrong approach.

With the right keyword research, you can greatly improve your chances of success with a PPC campaign.

With keywords on your side, you will ensure that the right audience sees your ads. You will also see an increase in the click-through rate (CTR) from these ads to your website.

We have compiled a list of tools that can help you find the best keywords to target for your PPC campaigns.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free keyword analysis tool. It is a part of Google AdWords.

This tool is very popular among SEO experts. It is also one of the most reliable tools for PPC keyword research and analysis.

If you are launching a new website, you should absolutely take advantage of this free tool, just like seasoned SEO experts do.

You can uncover potential keywords for your campaign, including search volumes by month for each keyword with this free tool. This is one of the best ways to pick the right keywords.

Although the tool was originally offered strictly for AdWords users to build out PPC campaigns, it is equally effective for doing SEO Keyword Research, which is an added benefit.

This tool is important to incorporate in analysis geared toward growing your site and adding more pages. Google is the leading search engine in most of the more developed nations across the globe. So their keyword data is unmatched on many levels.

To get started, simply enter any desired keyword in the search bar of the tool. Google will return with a list of other keywords related to that search term.

This can really expand your thinking about which keywords you might want to target.

You may find a completely different keyword which has higher search volume and lower competition, which can really enhance your performance metrics!

Other than keyword information, you get monthly search volumes, competitive metrics, and a suggested “page 1” bid if you are going through AdWords.


This tool is all-inclusive. When you use UberSuggest for keyword research, you are relying on one of the most powerful keywords analysis tools out there.

Ubersuggest can help you better optimize the SEO for your website, in addition to finding unique keywords to fuel your PPC campaigns.

For those who are beginning their digital business journey through PPC, this tool has many awesome features. One of the top things about UberSuggest is that it is FREE to use.

While other keyword tools are based on prices ranging from $99 to $400, UberSuggest remains free to download and kickstart that dream PPC campaign.

If you are wondering about the pool of data available for filtering, this tool searches Google Analytics and Google Search Console to find keyword information.

The results you see via UberSuggest will be credible and come from the best source on the web.

If you are looking for a keyword research tool for SEO rather than PPC, UberSuggest has got you covered as well. Marketers are becoming increasingly SEO-aware, because it’s a must-have skillset in 2018.

UberSuggest gives you a report of competitor performance for a particular keyword and tells you where they rank. This information will make it easy for you to choose the right keywords, and you will be able to stay a mile ahead of competitors in business.

64.6% of consumers click on PPC ads during online shopping, so make sure your keyword research is top-notch with my pick for the best tool on the market.


The free keyword suggestion tool offered by Wordstream is one of the most sophisticated keyword research tools of its nature. It can provide highly relevant keyword analysis for the niche of your choice.

Wordstream has a vast collection of long-tail keyword options in their database, all of which you can incorporate into your campaigns.

In recent years, we have seen that people are more likely to enter long-tail keywords when searching for a query.

The suggestions you will get from using Wordstream will be highly relevant and useful for your campaigns

With the free version, users can search up to 30 queries in a day, which is quite impressive for a keyword research tool.

The company claims to have a search base of trillion search queries.

With the paid version, you can get access to Google Search Volume and Competitor Analysis.

Wordstream also offers a range of other free tools like Keyword Niche Finder, Negative Keyword Tool, and Keyword Grouper.

All of these tools have been tried and tested for improving the quality of your keyword research.

The more you use these free tools by Wordstream, the more you will educate yourself about keyword research.

Wordtracker Scout

Intelligent marketers know that one of the best places to look for PPC keywords is in your competitor’s campaigns. You can get great keyword suggestions by looking at where your competitors are investing time and money.

Also of note, the SEO Audit functionality is one of the best things about Wordtracker Scout. With that in hand, you can take your website’s SEO to the next level.

Using Wordtracker Scout, you will never miss out on what your competitors are doing. The competition could be trying out something new or stopping focus on a hot keyword you have been eyeing for months.

Healthy competition is always necessary for business. You will find it tiresome to manually visit competitor websites and documenting the keywords they are targeting across their domain.

You need a tool at hand which provides accurate data. Simply add the Wordtracker Scout extension to Google Chrome, and you can easily kick off the research process.

This tool is very easy to use. Once you install the extension, go to any website and hover your mouse over the ‘W’ button. Hit the ‘W’ button to find the strongest keywords on that page.

For those working in the SEO field, you can figure out important things like keyword density or long-tail keywords they are using. At the same time, you will be able to track and analyze what your competitors are planning to try next.

This tool is not complicated, and you don’t have to be an SEO or PPC pro to get the hang of it. Good marketers know that it takes more than just positive keywords to take your PPC campaigns to the next level.

Competitor analysis may be the missing link in your current marketing strategy. I always recommend collecting as much data as you can about any given topic.

With such depth of research, you will be armed with a range of facts and information. Once you have this tool, you can analyze the performance of any page on your own website or that of a competitor.

Google Analytics

When talking about the best and most profitable tools for keyword analysis, I’d be remiss to omit Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the a must-have for any SEO expert or PPC analyst.

This valuable and free tool will provide insight into your campaigns. Google Analytics presents your website statistics in an easy-to-understand format, even for those of us who are tech savvy.

You can improve the performance of your PPC campaigns after analyzing your Google Analytics dashboard. This tool will break down the keyword activity and even traffic by hours and by day.

When you visit the Organic Search section of Google Analytics dashboard, you see keywords other visitors used in order to get to your site. Use this information to fix anything that isn’t working and to create a solid campaign.

Bonus Tool: Growthrobotics

While PPC success is crucial for a digital marketer, it is essential to keep an eye on your website for potential SEO mistakes. This is where an SEO audit tool comes in.

Use a tool like Robo Auditor to keep your website free of trivial errors that may harm rankings. The tool has been used and endorsed by top industry influencers like Neil Patel and team HubSpot.

Every good digital agency will have an SEO Audit Tool in their toolbox of resources.


All of the tools mentioned above will help you build a well-built PPC campaign. Be realistic and expand your horizons when searching for the best keywords.

Once your site improves in authority, the chase for better keywords will also become tougher. You need to stay educated about the current trends and collect as much data as possible.

Always look at the ‘related searches’ on the SERPs which carry your keyword. You will find out that they can also be helpful in further honing your PPC campaign.

It’s a brilliant move to think out of the box and plan something new in your keyword research.

We hope you found these tools useful, as each one of these will be of great use to you in kickstarting a great PPC campaign.


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