Marketing Ideas for Promoting Your Real Estate Business Online

When it comes to promoting a business, more companies and small business owners are choosing to market their products and services on the Internet.

One of the easiest ways to effectively market a real estate business is to use some of the popular social networking sites. If you are a real estate agent, you will want to find out some of the tips for marketing online to avoid making some of the mistakes other agents make. Using an ineffective marketing strategy will fail to provide the results you want.

How to Promote Your Real Estate Business Online

Since the objective of online marketing is to drive traffic to your website, you need to have a well designed site that is easy to navigate. A well designed website should be both eye-catching and informative.

It is also helpful to add forms and search tools that visitors can use to access property listings you have available. Your database of listings should be updated periodically to make sure everything on the website is current. It is often worth spending money to hire a professional web designer that will create the business website you need.

When creating your website, you want to link it your pages and profiles on social networking sites, so visitors can access these pages right from your site. Your social networking pages should also be designed in a way that makes your service appealing to those who read them.

Social websites allow people to send out invitations or make connections with others who also use the site. You can use this feature by connecting with people in your target group. The first step in successfully promoting a business is to target the right people.

Your social network page can be enhanced with blogs from clients, promotional videos and invitations for free products or services. Creating incentives for people to visit your website or use your services will draw more attention than advertising will.

Low Cost Ways of Promoting Your Business

There is a style of marketing called guerrilla marketing, which aims to promote businesses in a no nonsense way. This type of marketing is used to target large groups of people at a low overall cost, while still drawing in new clients.

Giving away free promotional items at an expo or trade show event is a good way to get people to remember you after the event is over. Guerrilla marketing also employs creative methods of grabbing attention. For example, you could create an unusual advertising campaign that uses creative stunts to get attention.

Advertising via videos is another creative way to market yourself. Some of the more unusual ads are made with choreographed dance segments or captivating characters, which also makes them some of the more memorable ads around.

Promotion and creativity go hand in hand when trying to market a business online or in a physical location. Promotional ideas for real estate can include custom created coupons, perhaps for a free home analysis or for a free consultation. Using the Internet to send promotional coupons or discounts to target groups is a very cost effective way to advertise.

Contests are also a way to draw people in, because everyone loves to win. In order to enter the contest, people will need to visit your website and fill out a form. Prizes can be promotional items such as tote bags or flash drives which have the name, address and contact information of your business on them.

Ben Sawyer is an Internet Marketing strategist and part time blogger. He has successfully run many online marketing campaigns for various types of clients. One real estate company from New York,, hired him as a content contributor several months ago, and Ben is sharing some tips from the campaign in this blog post.

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