Why Relationships Are The Best Tool For Promoting Your Website

Today, we are sharing a guest post by John Miller. John is an SEO Professional who works out of Sydney, Australia. This post focuses on something we all need to nurture to succeed in today’s digital marketing environment – relationships with other webmasters and businesses.

Disclaimer – the opinions and strategies in this post are those of the author. Return On Now does not necessarily agree with every detail in this piece unless overtly stated above. Images provided courtesy of Mr. Miller.

Think about how many successful websites and blogs there are out there, and how many bloggers and webmasters are consistently racking in huge amounts of cash without really making much effort even any more. Once you’ve set up a website that has a large following, and once you have lots of great links on your site, then everything you touch turns to gold, and very few things can de-rail your plans.

Such people have accomplished what it is that many of us are striving hard to achieve, and have reached a destination we perhaps never thought we would. So wouldn’t it be nice if they would just give us a few links for free? I mean – it would hardly damage their own website, and it could instantly give us a huge boost to get to where they are. Would it really hurt them that much to help someone out who’s in the position they were in a few years ago?

Of course the answer is no – if they thought this way and gave out links freely to everyone who requested them, then their own site could quickly sink in the SERPs.

At the same time, it’s important for a webmaster to consider their reputation. When they link their users to another website, they are essentially associating themselves with that website and giving it the seal of approval, which can quickly damage their reputation if it’s not a good recommendation.

As such, webmasters need to be careful about who they link to, even when they are at the top of their game and turning over huge profits in their sleep. So, how do you go about convincing them to link to you? Simple – by trying to create a relationship with them, so you aren’t just ‘another’ person sending them a link request.

Here’s how to go about it…

Link to Them

First of all if you want to be noticed by big webmasters then a good strategy is to link to some of their pages and to say flattering things about them.

Most of us webmasters are a rather vain bunch, and we love having our work commented on, so we’re likely to follow links that we see are pointing to our pages. If you can then offer something useful and interesting, and if you can provide value to their users, they’ll likely notice you, remember you and maybe repay the favour.


Commenting on blogs that you admire is another good way to start to get noticed by the webmaster. If you comment a few times, again offering insight and value (rather than just promoting yourself right away), then they will probably read these and start to recognize you as someone who can provide value. Thus, they will be more likely to listen when you offer them a guest post or request a link exchange.


Talking in forums is a great way to make online ‘friends’ and this is a brilliant way to establish some useful connections.

Participate in forums that are dealing with your niche and you may be surprised who you find here and what they can potentially offer you that will be useful.

Real Life

Don’t forget about networking in real life either – talking to people whenever possible about your business and carrying a business card can open up some very real opportunities. At the same time you should make a conscious effort to attend networking events and tradeshows where you can meet people in real life and who would maybe not have given an e-mail a second thought.

John Miller is a Sydney-based SEO expert who is currently working for www.webfirm.com. This Site will help you tremendously in marketing your website.

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