Basics of WordPress, Tommy Landry Presenting to Austin Online Marketing Club

Basics of WordPress [Slideshow]

I recently presented a training about the “Basics of WordPress” to the Austin Online Marketing Club. In this lively session, we covered some overarching data about what a CMS is, how WordPress fits into the CMS landscape, and related topics.

Then we dove into a hands on tutorial about how to use it, geared toward beginner and intermediate level WordPress users. As we toured through the dashboard, I provided basic tips and tricks for how to use it. This include a feature overview, how the various fields on the UI are used, and ideas for getting the most out of both the WYSIWYG and Text / HTML editors.

WordPress has come a long way since I first used it. The UI is much cleaner, and it comes “out of the box” with significantly more capabilities than it used to offer. I am a huge fan and have years of background building, managing, and optimizing sites in it.

Open Conversation Topics About WordPress

The following are other topics we discussed outside of the “Basics of WordPress” slideshow. Hit me up on Twitter @tommy_landry if you want more information about any of these.

  1. How to manage a migration to a new website (including staging and porting)
  2. What to look for in a good theme
  3. How to evaluate whether a theme and it’s developer are as good as sold
  4. How to find good plugins and what they are capable of doing
  5. The rationale behind using categories and tags

Although much of the session was open discussion and hands-on demo right into the interface, we are sharing the overview slides below for you to see what we covered. Contact us if you want more information or would like to bring me in to train your in-house team on similar or even more advanced topics.

Basics of WordPress Presentation

I am also presenting on Monday, March 18, 2013 covering “SEO for WordPress”. That presentation will take place at the Austin Flying Saucer. If you are interested in taking part in that session, sign up at

For those of you who can’t make it on Monday, the presentation slides for the WordPress SEO session will also be posted here on our blog after the event.

Thanks to @SMHoenig for the candid picture taken during the presentation. Can you tell I was really serious about the point I was making?

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