50 Tips for Better On Page Optimization


50 Tips for Better On Page Optimization covers a wide range of strategies and tactics you can employ now to better indicate to search engines what keywords and topics are relevant to your website and pages. Written by Tommy P. Landry of Return On Now.

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When many of us think about SEO / Search Engine Optimization, the first thing that comes to mind is keywords. SEO is much more than just keyword placement, but it pays to get the basics figured out before working on more advanced strategies like link building.

This ebook pulls together over a decade of hands-on SEO experience, and provides the guide of all guides for maximizing the benefits you will get from your on page optimization.

Written in language that anyone from newbies to SEO to veterans can understand, everyone can benefit from reading this exhaustive list of 50 tips for optimizing your website on page elements.

Companies have paid thousands of dollars to bring our founder, Tommy Landry, onsite for in-person trainings on this very topic. All of that knowledge is available to you for only $9.99, less than the price of a taxi ride across town.

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