2013 Search Engine Market Share By Country

NOTE: These areĀ the 2013 statistics for search engine market share by country. We have updated the data table for 2015. You can find the most recent data at




Back in June of 2012, we published our blog post outlining which search engines lead the pack in each of the top 31 countries worldwide. That post attracted a great deal of attention over the past 18 months. However, it was based on 2011 data.

Since that post is based on two year old data, I decided to do some digging again this month to create an updated version of the table. Similarly to the first post, below are the numbers and my commentary on some of the high points.

Search Engine Market Share By Country: 2013 Update

Note that we included both the market leaders as well as the runners-up when available. In markets where there were multiple search engines with very similar (and small) shares, we simply lumped them together as “Others”. For example, Google owns 98% of all searches in both Belgium and Brazil, while 3+ other search engines account for only 2% in aggregate.

Search Engine Marketing Share by Country 2013

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Observations on the Data

The first thing to point out is that data was unavailable for a few countries that were included in the 2011 report (e.g. Argentina). We are keeping our eyes open for reliable data on those countries. Regardless, most of the bigger markets in the world are included in the table above, and we were able to track down data on 31 countries, including some new additions such as Sweden.

Google Continues To Dominate In Most Countries

As one might expect, Google continues to lead the pack in most countries by a large margin. In fact, they command a 90% or higher market share in 22 of the 31 countries included above. When you consider the fact that Yahoo Japan serves up results using Google’s algorithm on the back end, that raises the number to 23 of 31.

Only Three Countries Have Other Search Engine Leaders

With Google owning nearly all of the search market share in 74% of the top 31 countries, and leading handily in another five countries, that leaves only a handful of places where other search engines are winning. If you are operating in any of the following locales, here are the search engines you need to keep in mind other than Google:

  • China: Baidu (62% share) and newcomer 360 Search (21%), who came out of nowhere to jump into 2nd place over the past two years
  • Russia: Yandex (62% share)
  • South Korea: Naver (72% share) and Daum (18%)
  • Japan: Yahoo! Japan (53% share, but served up using Google’s back end)

It cannot be understated how important the Chinese market is, as approximately 25% of all internet users worldwide are in China (600M). And that’s with merely a 44.5% internet penetration rate! It is very impressive how 360 Search has grown, and will be fun to watch as they aim to take Baidu’s spot atop the search market in China.

It’s also worth noting thatĀ Seznam still holds 26% of the search engine market share in Czech Republic, although that is down handily from a 2011 share of 45%.

Russian search leader Yandex is also on the radar as the #2 in Turkey with a miniscule 2% share. I mention Yandex in Turkey only because they are aiming to raise that to 20-30% in the next few years. Google dominates now, but the internet penetration is still less than half of the population. As more users get online, we could easily see Yandex take off, since the bulk of the population knows of Yandex already.

Worldwide Search Engine Market Share Winners

Here’s a fun fact that may surprise you – Yandex has overtaken Bing in worldwide market share, even though it may appear Bing is ahead based on the chart above. As reported by Webcertain, the following are the leaders in worldwide search market share through 2012:

  1. Google
  2. Baidu
  3. Yahoo
  4. Yandex
  5. Bing


It’s a new year, but Google has continued to grow their dominance of search engine market share in 2013. Other search engines have done pretty well in select locations only. China is a big deal, and we will be watching how that game plays out in the coming years. It seems several competitors have cropped up for Baidu, so we very well may see them drop from #2 worldwide by this time next year.

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