2021 Digital Marketing Trends for Financial Services

2021 Digital Marketing Trends for Financial Services

The modern world moves at the speed of light. Meanwhile, the economy and free market must move with it. If you want to survive in an ever-changing financial services industry, you will need to keep up with current trends in both finance and marketing.

Along with the more broad financial marketing trends, it is also important to tie in the trends from the digital realm, since digital media has become a significant piece of the overall marketing mix.

With everything changing so rapidly, it can be difficult to identify and keep up, especially on a yearly basis. Luckily, experts in the field painstakingly track and compile these trends throughout the year. Armed with this information, they can create an accurate representation of the most profitable trends for the current and upcoming year.

Let’s review the big areas worth your attention as 2021 unfolds.

Targeted Advertisement

Targeted advertising represents one of the fastest-growing trends in the digital marketing space. The internet has become a massive part of everyone’s daily life. The most savvy businesses are working to determine how to best capitalize on consumer behaviors to enhance marketing and advertising performance.

Using complex and detailed algorithms to determine what internet users search for and browse on a daily basis, you can tailor advertisements to fit their interests.

For example, if you know what keywords or content a prospect is searching for, you can target ads to those topics and search terms. More personalized means more relevant, and more relevant means better performance.

Using targeted advertising such as Pay Per Click / Search Engine Marketing is one of the perfect ways to reach an audience who is intentionally looking for financial services. Because of this, it is an ever-growing trend in the financial services market!


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  Businesses don’t just jump to the top of Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) without putting forth effort. They have to engage in targeted SEO to get there.

SEO consists of a range of activities, including optimizing the content on their domains for specific keywords and phrases which have existing search demand on Google. Other areas of specialty include technical (mobile responsiveness, fast loading times, etc.) and off page SEO (link building to boost domain authority).

The internet is very important to any marketing effort, and that includes businesses in the financial services space. For this reason, it’s no longer an option to have a website for your business. Any company that depends on their website to drive awareness and leads absolutely MUST employ SEO to draw attention to their content and online offers.

In this space, clients look for highly specific services that fit their individual needs. They’ll place more credence in the first listings that show up for their search keywords.

With SEO, you can help boost yourself to the right places on the various relevant SERPs.


You may find it challenging to stay on top of constantly evolving algorithms. Regardless where you are on your SEO journey, you should always prioritize driving engagement with website visitors and prospects.

It’s no longer just about how many people click onto your page and view your content. Now, engagement metrics such as how many pageviews you get, how long people stay on your website, whether or not people are returning for subsequent visits, etc. have become much more important to your success.

By tracking engagement, you can learn how many people are interested in your content. You can also see how  many are loyal return-visitors for your domain. Repeat visitors are highly valued, because it shows that they are interested in what you are offering and want to learn more.

Good engagement not only indicates that you have a good user experience (UX). It also directly affects your SEO success!

So focus on improving visitor engagement on your website. You’ll find that it can be incredibly profitable for your financial services business!

Social Media

Social media is one of the biggest online trends of modern times. In fact, social can be used to  advertise and promote a wide variety of businesses, including financial services.

You’ll find that a large number of your prospective clients are on one or more social media platforms already. You can reach them via organic social (posts, updates), or by purchasing social ads. Use both avenues and you’ll have the opportunity to open up your brand to an entirely new audience of possible customers!

It’s not just about promotions and ads. The general public can stir up a wave of commotion about financial services. Most people look to the internet — including social media — to read reviews and client testimonials before making their decision. Online reviews can sway people to seeking out your services.

When managed properly, social media represents a very important trend in financial services marketing for 2021.

Conclusion: Digital Marketing Trends for Financial Services

Enticing potential customers to look at your services and content can be a difficult task. Thankfully, recent trends in digital marketing have simplified and streamlined the process.

Why have these particular trends become so popular? Simple answer – they work!

From target advertising to social media coverage, your prospects have changed how they shop for financial services. If you familiarize yourself with the current digital marketing trends, you’ll be well positioned to market successfully to your target audience moving forward.

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