How to build Brand Awareness on Social Media Using Videos: Put on your Producer Hat and Make Your Own Videos!

How to Build Brand Awareness on Social Media Using Videos

Whether you are selling a product, offering digital services, or running a non-profit, building solid brand awareness is the first big step in getting your name out there. 

With social media on the rise and videos being super popular across nearly every platform, whipping up some awesomely captivating clips is a great place to start.

Here we’ll go over a few pointers and some basic ways you can use videos to build brand awareness on social media.  

A Few Pointers First

There are a few basic rules to follow when putting together brand videos for social media.

  • Create unique, fun, and funny videos. The more unusual and unconventional the video, the better. Don’t shy away from pushing limits and being bold. Those types of videos get a lot more attention. 
  • Keep it short, if possible. A solid thirty seconds can go a long way. Once you have folk’s attention and they are aware of your brand, then you can go for the long-form. 
  • Choose the right platforms. It may sound counter-intuitive, but try to limit the scope of your focus. With social media, a shotgun approach isn’t effective. There are just too many platforms to do it right. Which leads to the next point.
  • Post videos consistently. Narrowing your organization’s focus down to a couple of social media platforms will give you the ability to stay up to date and consistent. Throwing up a few videos and calling it good isn’t sufficient. 

Offer Product Tutorials and Demos

Watching a video on your phone on how to set up a new computer or build a model plane is a million times easier than reading the instructions.

Many people tend to ignore the directions all together anyway, so videos are always a good solution. 

Product tutorial videos are a great way to not only help out existing customers, but to also show off what your products can do for potential buyers.  

Here is a great example from Beauty Bakerie featuring the CEO and co-founder. She demos their delightful products while discussing her brand casually throughout. 

In less than fifteen minutes she shares three different products, while keeping it fun and informative the entire time. 

Highlight Great Customer Testimonials 

Putting together a video testimonial is kind of like an awesome version of an online review.

Getting satisfied customers to do your marketing for you is always a smart bet.

If you have clients that send you rave reviews, inquire if they would be interested in participating. 

Most folks will be thrilled to be included, especially since you provided them with such a fabulous product or service in the first place.

If they are a little shy or the production value doesn’t allow an in-person shoot, see if your client would be willing to do voiceover for a video and talk about their great experience. 

Throw together a little animation to go along with it, and boom! There you have it.   

Show real, tangible results your product or service can provide. 

Take a look of this testimonial video from Closetworks.

In it, Closet Works Inc. does a stellar job making a short and sweet video full of satisfied customers. In the end, they show authenticity by throwing in a little cut scene. 

Do Some Explaining

These are called “explainer” videos. They talk about what your company offers, and how it will benefit viewers or solve some problem(s) they have.

This style of video has become increasingly popular lately, because it’s a wonderful way to demonstrate how your services can help the viewers.   

You can do a live-action video, animated, or even the whiteboard drawing style. You know, the one where someone is doodling along while a narrator speaks.

Whiteboard type videos are awesome for explaining more complex products and concepts for sure. Though, a comical live-action video for basic products is always a winner on social media.

This video (below) is great. It’s hilarious and hey, we’ve all been there.

With about fourteen-million views, Poo~Pourri does a bang-up job of creating an unconventional video that catches people’s attention and highlights a serious problem they can help their consumers solve. 

Posting something like that on social media profiles is sure to land you some serious brand attention. 

Make Little Commercials

Short videos are basically little commercials, with a fraction of the overhead. Take advantage of that!

If you do nothing else in a video, introduce your brand in a fun and captivating way. Though, oftentimes, that is easier said than done. 

Take some pointers from Headspace. 

In less than ninety seconds, they introduce their brand, and also explain what they do and how it can help viewers. With their fun and quirky animation, it will certainly stand out on social media. 

Tell a Heartwarming Story

Everyone loves a great story with a happy ending.

Does your company do community outreach or have a great start-up story?

Use that to invoke emotions in your viewers. Stirring up emotions always creates a lasting impression. 

Compassion Without Borders is infamous for tugging on heartstrings. Here they use their fifteenth anniversary as an opportunity to put a video together.

With a bold mission statement and great outreach programs to showcase, this non-profit organization expands its brand awareness with ease across several social media platforms.  

Put Your Producer Hat OnHow to build Brand Awareness on Social Media Using Videos: Put on your Producer Hat and Make Your Own Videos!

Videos can help define and share your organization with the world. Like it or not, social media can be an important tool in your efforts to expand your brand awareness.

Jumping headfirst into the social media pool of online content will exponentially expand your brand’s footprint and awareness.

Making videos isn’t as hard as you might think. Be unique, think outside the box, and have fun with it. If you do it right, your video, and even your brand, just very well might go viral.

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