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Best Web Apps for Finding Influencers to Share Your Content

Influencers are game-changers in the digital marketing world. With the right influencers boosting your content or product, you can reach highly interested users.

As online social spaces grow, it’s clear that influencers are key to getting your content seen by the right potential customers.

However, 61% of marketers consider it difficult to find relevant influencers for a campaign.

If you’re one of these discouraged marketers, you may benefit from using influencer web tools.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the best web apps for finding influencers to share your content, PLUS some tips for reaching out in the right way.

Benefits of Finding Influencers

We live in a digital world, and influencers run it. To have a successful online campaign, you probably need to make contact with influencers in your niche.

However, influencers don’t just spread the word about your content or product on their own. They can become a spokesperson for your content or write brand stories. Depending on your needs, they can wield their influence in very specific ways.

There are plenty of benefits of getting influencers to share your content. Besides reaching your ideal audience, you’ll also increase your following, get great backlinks, build your brand awareness, and generate potential leads.

A lot of people struggle to find influencers in their niche. With a little searching, you’ll find a wide range of options on how to find and approach them.

Depending on your budget or time restraints, you may opt for some approach strategies over others.

Here are some of the more common methods for finding influencers:

  • Search organically on social media platforms: You can use in-platform tools such as Tweetdeck, or even just search for hashtags. This strategy can be time-consuming and may not result in many influencers.
  • Use Bitly to see who’s sharing your posts: Bitly is an excellent tool for sharing your content and knowing who’s interacting with it. It’s a go-to platform where you can find influencers who are already engaged with an audience.
  • Find sites in your niche that are open to guest posting: Conduct an online search for content like yours. Then, contact these influencer website about submitting a guest post of your own.
  • Use web apps to quickly discover influencers: This is perhaps the most convenient option. Web apps are well-designed platforms to help you find and connect with influencers. These apps can both expand your network and save you a lot of time.

As you can see, you have ample options for finding influencers.

If you want access to niche influencers in a curated database and easy filter options, you should opt for using web apps.

These can help you find potential collaborators that weren’t previously on your radar.

Best Web Apps for Finding Influencers

Best Web Apps to Find Influencers - Picture of plant and smartphone with web app on it

Let’s be real: you won’t always have the time to organically look for influencers.

Here’s where web apps can boost your search efforts.

You can use the below types of web apps to find the ideal influencers, without a bunch of hassle.

Social Media Listening Tools

First off, you should consider using social media listening tools.

This type of web app can help you filter content by hashtag, industry, etc. The onus is on you to search around and find relevant influencers.

Here are the tools that can make this process easy.

1. Awario

Awario is an excellent tool for finding influencers, With this platform, you can monitor brands, competitors, and websites by setting up keywords.

You can also run an analysis on industry voices using filters. With Awario, you can home in on the right influencers and stand out from the competition.

2. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo uses social data to analyze trends and find influencers. It’s especially great for content analysis.

With BuzzSumo, you can find top content within a niche, including who’s shared it.

You can also filter by type of influencer (e.g. company, blogger). This feature makes it easy to find the type of partnership you’re pursuing.

3. Inkybee

Inkybee is a unique social listening tool because it focuses on blogs.

You can search by keywords to find niche content creators, providing important metrics such as visibility and engagement for each suggested influencer.

Influencer Directories

Directories are another vital tool to find influencers. Many of these web apps have curated influencer lists that you can specifically filter to find the right collaborators.

Here are the top choices to drill down into influencer directories.

4. Heepsy

Heepsy has millions of influencers in its database. It also includes important metrics such as posting frequency for each and every one of them.

You can filter by keyword, category, location, engagement, and much more. Create your influencer lists and start making contact!

5. Klear

Klear is a great tool for finding potential influencers. You can filter by thousands of categories, including demographics, audience size, location, and keywords.

You can even identify those who are already engaging with your content across different social media platforms.

6. NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach helps you discover influencers on Instagram and Twitter with its search filters.

You can use keywords and get metrics on the number of social shares, content sharers, and SEO.

Once you’ve found the right influencers, you can then save them to your personalized list.

7. Traackr

Traackr is another great directory tool that is curated by humans and includes top-of-the-line metrics to track results.

You can filter by topic, language, location, age, gender, and brand affinities. Traackr also offers a unique “filter by followers” feature.

Once you have your influencer list, you can set up any campaigns right in Traackr itself.

8. Upfluence

Upfluence has millions of influencers in their directory. Search by niche, reach, engagement, location, and demographics. You can also look for more content specific parameters such as post timing and type of content.

Upfluence has a great outreach tool built in. This tool makes it easy for you to contact influencers and manage collaboration. If you prefer, it also has a Chrome plugin for analysis right in the browser.

Influencer Community Marketplaces

Finally, you can also benefit from using influencer community web apps.

These platforms work to connect marketers with influencers and provide collaboration resources.

Discover the best influencer marketplaces below.

9. Aspire IQ

Aspire IQ is a community platform that reimagines your community as a hub of influence.

It works to transform community members into new value relationships.

Aspire IQ is supported by a database including millions of influencers. It can be used to engage and collaborate with them and build up your community.

10. YouTube BrandConnect

YouTube BrandConnect is the web video giant’s marketer-influencer collaboration platform.

You can post your campaign and get creators to contact you if interested. This can save you time, because interested influencers will reach out to you on their own.

11. Influence & Co

Influence & Co brings together an influencer directory with resources for influencers to get noticed by marketers.

In many ways, it’s like a portfolio that lets you evaluate different influencers. With this information, you can start to build relationships with the right influencers.

12. Post For Rent

Last but not least, Post For Rent is a community marketplace tool that connects influencers and marketers.

Influencers showcase a portfolio and are rated on their campaigns.

This way, marketers can reach out to talk about projects, or simply send a notification for interested influencers to apply.

Tips for Reaching Out to Influencers

Once you’ve used web apps to find influencers, your next step is to make contact. It’s important to consider how you want to approach these influencers.

Ideally, you will have a clear concept of what you want from the partnership from the start.

Here are some first steps for reaching out to influencers:

  • Check the metrics first: Make sure you understand each influencer’s niche and following before reaching out. Many of these web apps will let you check the metrics beforehand.
  • Build a genuine relationship: Partnerships go well when they’re built on genuine interest and respect. Always focus on staying friendly and professional.
  • Offer opportunity value: Propose some kind of next step that is valuable for you as well as the influencer. Without opportunity value, it’s unlikely anyone with a following and a busy schedule will be interested.

As you can see, you can do a lot with these web apps. These web features can save you the headache of tracking all your influencer relationships on your own.

Final Takeaway

Influencers are a key part of any digital marketing strategy. As you look for influencers to share your content, take advantage of the 12 great web apps listed above.

With these platforms in hand, you’ll find the just-right influencers for your site and boost engagement across the board. Now go out and influence!

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