12 Content Ideas for Your Photography Business

12 Content Ideas for Your Photography Business

Since the days of print advertising, content has come a long way. Content became the most effective technique to introduce your business into the digital world, ever since the emergence of SEO and digital marketing.

If you want your brand to really resonate with prospects and customers, your best bet is to prioritize publishing consistent, high-quality content.

Content can play a huge role in driving both consumer involvement as well as engagement.

For a photography business, encourage your target audience to engage with your company and provide relevant information. This tactic can help build a loyal following clients and aspiring photographers.

Content Ideas for Photography Business

Quality content should be emotionally engaging. You should also ensure that it adheres to SEO best practices, such as keyword research and integration.

Finally, strive to create material that people will want to read. Great content fits your brand identity, informs your audience about your products and services, and opens the door to further customer involvement.

When presenting written information, you absolutely MUST be consistent. By posting blog content on your photography website frequently, you will be able to rank well and get your key messages in front of the right people.

Start with educational content. This can be very useful for answering client or prospect questions in advance, prior to them engaging on paid products or services.

Content can play a vital role in establishing and maintaining your brand reputation.

And of course, if you generate high quality and shareable content, you stand to earn backlinks as well as social shares. Both of these can help boost your overall traffic volumes and organic performance.

Here are some content ideas you can write about for your photography blog:

Talk About Yourself

As the owner, you should aim to work with a talented content writer who can take everything interesting about you and make it ten times better.

Not everyone wields a silver pen. If you’re also not one of them, you stand to benefit greatly from adding a good content writer to the mix.

You can talk about what makes you different from other photographers. Focus on your field, and then focus on what makes you better than others within your field.

If you’re a wedding photographer, what exactly separates you from others of the same group?

Tell a story about your best work. Ruminate on what you do when you’re facing a snag in the plans.

Or keep it simple and just share some of your best work. In the photography business, images can tell the story all by themselves.

Show Them How You Do Your Work

Consider how you work with clients and what you produce.

Make a list of everything you do that is even somewhat distinct from the majority of other photographers in your area. Then, take that list, and create a separate piece of content for each.

There has to be a reason why you do things differently. It’s probably because you know what’s best for your ideal client. Don’t be afraid to explain your approach and your thinking. This is great fodder for engaging content!

You can talk about how to take great photos, the tools you use, or even the manual photo editing services you outsource that helps you get your work done faster and at top quality.

Share Tips on How to Take Great Photos

To untrained photographers, it could seem easy to take a fantastic photo: simply aim and shoot. Anyone who has attempted to learn how to shoot professional photographs can tell you that that there is much more to it.

It takes a lot of thought to create a beautiful photo. You have to pick the proper subject. You need to set up a cool composition to finding the best light.

And you need to understand your options for making the best end product, for example, what manual photo editor to use.

Good photographers understand the difference between a basic point-and-shoot  snapshot and a well-skilled capture by a talented photographer.

In some cases, the difference could be very small, such as taking time to understand the setting options of your camera.

There are different kinds of photography and there are many kinds of cameras and equipment to use. You should have no problem whatsoever in identifying content for weekly or even daily publication on your domain.

Guide Them on How to Pose and Look Great in Front of the Camera

For many beginning photographers, helping individuals pose well may be the most difficult part of creative portrait taking.

Some people can get away with just letting them move organically and hoping for the best. Most of the time, however, your subjects will require some assistance from you.

Furthermore, they will look to you for guidance, especially if they are not a model and have never been in front of a camera before.

Without instruction, most people do not know how to pose for photographs. That’s why it’s crucial to have a few go-to stances on hand, as well as a rudimentary awareness of which poses are flattering and which are not.

Consider creating a how-to guide on different positions with matching photos. This guide can be very helpful when trying to explain to subjects how they can help you take the best picture possible.

Tell Inspiring Stories

Stories about people with whom you work and about happy clients can be super helpful for crafting great content in this niche.

Start with stories about your clients. Share some of the best experiences you have had while working in the field. Ask your past clients to share how much they love you and your work.

Great stories can really help with credibility. Not only do they illustrate that you are dependable, but they also can show how you tackle problems and truly deliver the clients what they want and need.

Share DIY Photography Tips

Photography is one of the most expensive hobbies you can tackle.

At a minimum, you will need a pro caliber camera and lens. Together, these two items could cost up to $500, depending on what you desire. Additionally, you may need to invest in lighting and other gadgets.

You can help people save money on photography by teaching them how to do some settings themselves. Also, readers will appreciate special tips, such as which tools you use (e.g. a photo editor for photographers) to make images look their best.

When you show them the behind-the-scenes of how you pulled off some photos, you’ll be helpful to many amateurs and aspiring photographers. They’ll want to go back to your site to get tips and ideas.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

The acronym “FAQ” stands for “Frequently Asked Questions.” Many websites include FAQ pages that cover the most common questions visitors might ask, with full answers to each.

FAQ pages should be living, breathing documents that are updated regularly. Every time someone asks you an important question, consider whether or not that is a typical question other prospects might ask. If it is, then you might want to add it to your FAQ.

You must ensure that you clearly answer the questions. Take advantage of the opportunity to interact with your customers and express your company’s and brand’s personality.

Share Event Experiences

Every business has client tales that can serve as great marketing tools. Not every business understands how to use these experiences effectively in a content marketing strategy.

Case studies are the gold standard in this area. Anyone in marketing should know what these are and how to use them.

Customer stories, on the other hand, can be a rich mine of content.

Build these into blog posts right after the event or session finishes. This is a golden opportunity to share positive buzz about your photography business!

In addition to grabbing interest, you will be able to show off your newest photos and promote any suppliers with whom you collaborated on the event. By adding the suppliers to the story, you stand to strengthen your connections with those vendors and partners.

And stronger partnerships are a stepping stone to expanding your customer base. It’s a win-win-win!

You can also write about useful issues on which your clients may want guidance. For example, consider creating an essay about why families should have maternity photographs taken. Or you can provide guidance on how to dress for an outdoor wedding or graduation ceremony.

Share Your Camera Setting Tips

Still in automatic mode? It is the quickest method of photographing. However, it provides nothing in the way of creative control and flexibility.

You’ll need complete control over the camera settings for this. Share your overall camera settings, as well as the best settings you use for different circumstances or specific shoots.

For new photographers who have yet to find their “style,” these tips will be both inspirational and helpful as they learn their craft.

Advise Where to Find/Buy Photography Equipment and Materials

Many new aspiring photographers will get confused and overwhelmed when trying to buy their first set of camera equipment.

They should be able to track down good content about what a suitable camera is, and what other equipment they might need.

But you can take it one step further by sharing ideas and tips about how to buy all of the other materials they’ll need for a full setup.

Share where you usually buy cheap materials for specific shoots. Show how you arrange and manage these materials to create backdrops that help make your photos effective and influential.

Outline Advanced Photography Techniques

A lot of photographers like to keep their secrets “close to the vest.” They might stay vague, only cover the “why” of doing something, or gloss over the key steps hastily.

Because of this tendency, you might struggle to track down the best tips and techniques.

Talk about how you set up your tools, what manual photo editor you use, and other things you think people can learn from. You can also suggest for your readers to share what knowledge they have. Maybe even start a community right there on your own website if you think you can take it on!

Share Your Own Editing Techniques

Any good photographer will tell you that editing is key to their success. Consider making videos about how you use programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, or even a premium background remover for photographers.

This is a great way to expand your content footprint while sharing valuable information. Don’t settle only for text and images just because you are in photography. Videos are the rage these days, so jump on board and reap the benefits!

Boost Your Photography Blog With Content that Matters

People are drawn to passion. Whenever you shoot situations and subjects that thrill you, that enthusiasm seeps into your portfolios, social networks, website, and conversations with potential customers.

As you expand into areas that thrill you, share that delight with your followers and fans!

We don’t attract more clients by frantically, aggressively requesting that the universe provide us jobs. We grow our businesses by producing and connecting with purpose.

Keep an eye on your finances, invest in your skills, concentrate on what is most important, and most of all, use these content ideas to share your knowledge and experiences.

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