Infographic about display ad design trends and statistics

Display Ad Design in 2021: Trends to Know [INFOGRAPHIC]

The world of advertising moves fast.

One advertising trend can rise and fall just as quickly as a meme does. A lot of marketers find it challenging to say on top of the game.

Regardless, it’s always a good idea to be aware of the latest trends. They are great indicators of what’s going on in the industry. They can also be used to make predictions about where the industry is heading.

That’s why our team over at Creatopy, the ad design platform, gathered data from over half a million designs created on our platform between February and September 2021 to compile this year’s ad design trends and statistics.

Display Ad Design Trends Worth Knowing

As you can see in the below infographic, which shows more detail about current trends in display ad design, here are the important points to keep in mind:

Most Used Display Ad Design Types

Out of all the designs we reviewed, 54% were animated ads, while 44% were static.

This is a testament to the growing popularity of animated formats, which are generally more engaging and eye-catching for viewers.

There can be a correlation between their popularity and the rise of online video consumption.

Most Used Sizes According to Formats

We concluded that the most used display ad sizes are 336×280 (Large Rectangle) for static formats and 300×250 (Medium Rectangle) for animated and video formats.

336×280 offers a larger area, allowing for bigger fonts and images. 300×250 is common for mobile ads, as they require less loading time.

Most Used Fonts

Roboto was present in almost 11% of the designs, making it the most popular font, followed by Poppins and Montserrat.

Users tend to reach for simple fonts that can be easy on the eyes and readable on any screen, desktop or mobile.

Most Used Colors

To find the most popular colors, we specifically looked at the designs made without using an image.

As such, we saw that when it came to background colors, the majority of the users chose white, black, red, and blue.

These are not exclusively solid backgrounds. Most of the designs feature gradient backgrounds.

The universal usability of these colors is likely the reason why they are so popular.

Self-Generated Images vs. Stock Images

92.22% of the designs featured branded images as opposed to stock photos. This proves once again that originality is important for any advertising campaign, even if it takes more time and resources.

Templates vs. Custom Display Ad Designs

Almost 70% of the ads were made from scratch, while the rest were created using templates.

Much like in the previous case of branded images vs. stock photos, users are eager to add their personal touch to their designs in an effort to stand out from the competition.

Most Popular Formats for Download

To determine the most popular formats to download, we focused on download events. These can be either the download of a single design or a set of designs.

It turns out that 25% of designs were JPG formats, 21% were HTML5, and 20% were MP4. These formats are the ones that occupy the least space and are compatible with most websites.

Conclusion: Display Ad Design Trends Remain

One thing we can learn from this research: no matter how much or how little the numbers change, quality and efficiency are key at the end of the day when it comes to display ad design.

We all strive to design high quality ads effortlessly and quickly. You can rest assured that this is one trend that will never die in the world of advertising.

Display Ad Design in 2021: Trends to Know [INFOGRAPHIC]

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