Increase organic traffic without link building off page seo

How to Increase Organic Traffic Without Link Building

Digital marketing has changed the game for businesses. As more affordable digital marketing strategies increase in adoption,  small companies also join the race, increasing competition.

As a result, every business is trying to develop unique strategies to secure their position in their respective industry. Similarly, if you ask marketers or business owners what they want, the answer would always be: more customers.

Digital marketing offers powerful new strategies, such as search engine optimization, which can help you attract more members of your target audience.

However, many marketers are on the verge of giving up. SEO only works if you can acquire a large number of relevant links, and this type of work is very difficult.

Although link building is an essential ranking factor, the Google Penguin update has completely reshaped how businesses must approach off-page SEO.

Today, search engines are placing more ranking weight on the quality of your website’s user experience. If you focus on user satisfaction, you can increase your search traffic without building links.

How can you go about doing this? Read on for the full story…

Generate Irresistible Content

At times, marketers may find themselves ignoring standard strategies while chasing after new ones. Believe it or not, content is STILL the king even in 2020. It lays a foundation for every marketing campaign.

By focusing on content, you can publish materials that better align with the interests of your audience. You can develop trending topics, versatile information, and visual graphics to make your way to the top of your most coveted SERPs.

People are actively engaging with visual content, as Google focuses on ranking media-rich websites higher. Unsurprisingly, content marketing is amongst the most popular online marketing factors to consider in 2020.

Focus on Page Loading Speed

People have become very impatient. They want immediate responses and quick results.

If your website takes too long to load, users won’t mind clicking the back button as soon as three seconds after arriving. We all know that a high bounce rate shows low engagement, so you stand to lose both traffic and potential customers with a slow-loading website.

There is a direct correlation between how quickly your website loads and how much organic traffic you will get.

You have to ensure that none of the images, videos, plugins, or scripts are large enough to significantly slow down website, because the faster the site, the better.

Infographic - Cut Page Weight to Speed Load Times

Target Long-Tail Keywords

Usually, businesses focus on covering the prominent keywords. As “newbies” to the SEO game, they are unfamiliar with the concepts of long-tail or semantic keywords.

These lower volume search terms hold power to transform your online business, because they account for the majority of web searches in 2020.

For instance, if you target “men’s shoes,” turn it into a long-tail keyword by focusing on the price of men’s shoes in California.

This extension of head terms, as we once called them, can increase overall traffic by 35%. Likewise, these long phrases ensure people land  on your website when they need what you are offering.

If you run short of ideas for these keywords, seek help from Google Analytics. The data in GA can tell you more about your audience than any other tool.

Build a Community

Since social media burst onto the scene over a decade ago, your audience now controls the conversation. In face, they are more likely than ever to speak their minds and share opinions on even divisive topics.

For this reason, consider providing them a platform by way of a community built right on your website? It could be an excellent way to start a conversation and increase traffic overall.

You can implement a robust commenting system through Facebook comments. Otherwise, you can create groups on social media, where visitors can ask questions directly, or even deploy a forum right on your own domain.

No matter which approach you take to creating community, you’ll be helping encourage customers to start a dialogue. This, in turn, can provide you highly valuable insights into their behavioral patterns.

Create Infographics

Have you come across images with information and visuals together? These are famously known as infographics – one of the most popular tools for attracting natural links and generating traffic over the past several years.

I recommend you create a high-quality infographic with stunning visual appeal and see how people respond to it.

Visual content in the form of pictures and videos has already become popular among competitors. This means you have to try your luck with something different. Human brains process visuals faster than any text-based information.

Thus, investing your time in creating infographics can level-up your marketing game, while boosting your search traffic.

Don’t Ignore Email Marketing

Every marketer is putting resources into new marketing campaigns, ignoring crucial mediums like email marketing. Surprisingly, email marketing is still going super strong in 2020.Do not forget email marketing - INFOGRAPHIC

After all, which platform allows you to send a single message to thousands of people at the same time? Newsletters, new blog updates, and product launch reminders can do wonders for your website traffic.

Just be sure you do it properly. Refrain from bombarding your target audience with emails, or else it can turn your email efforts upside down.

Use Data Metrics to Optimize Results

Honestly, generating content and publishing content won’t bag you visitors. If you want to maximize traffic, you’ll need to fine-tune your content as per the needs of the audience.

In order to get those insights, you will need to seek help from data metrics -– things like website analytical tools, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc. These tools can track visitors to your site, allowing you to see what keywords they used and from where they came.

You have to keep an eye on results and use this information to improve your marketing strategies.

If mobile users are having trouble accessing the website, analytics will alarm you about it right away. Thus, you can influence the traffic of your site by monitoring results.

You may have heard of Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, and more specifically, Google Ads. Paid search and advertisements are the ideal way of attracting visitors to your website when you want them to come.

PPC can quickly put you in front of thousands of people, increasing your brand visibility.

Likewise, you can adjust your ads to suit your goals. After all, some businesses merely want more traffic, while others focus on conversions.

Keep in mind that every paid advertisement has its pros and cons. Think about your business objectives and the nature of your business, and then consider which type of campaign fits your budget, resources, and goals.


By using appealing content, unique advertising campaigns, email marketing, you can drive a good amount of traffic from search engines.

There is nothing wrong with going little overboard with infographics and long-tail keywords since you have to distinguish yourself from competitors. Nevertheless, with any of the strategies, you have to wait for results.

Hopefully these ideas for driving organic improvements without having to build links has been helpful for you. Once you start experimenting with it, you’ll be surprised at what other interesting ideas you may generate on your own!

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