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Affiliate Marketing Basics Explained [INFOGRAPHIC]

You may have heard some people say that affiliate marketing is not as big as it used to be. That’s all nonsense.

If anything, this business niche is even stronger than ever before.

And right now is as good a time as any to enter it.

How Big Is the Affiliate Marketing Industry?

Global retail grows extremely quickly, with projected value for 2019 of over $3.5 trillion. Affiliate marketing follows similar trends.

Today, it is worth over $12 billion. Moving forward, affiliate marketing is expected to grow at a handsome rate of 10% per annum for the next 3 years at least.

Wow, that’s great! But what is affiliate marketing, and how do I become an affiliate marketer?

In affiliate marketing, you market someone else’s product or service. In return, you earn a commission for every sale you generate.

Once you sign up for their program, you will receive a unique code from your chosen affiliate program. This code will be there in your affiliate link, enabling the affiliate partner to track the customers you send to their landing pages and online stores.

Anyone can become an affiliate marketer. All you need to do is sign up for an affiliate marketing program and start promoting the selected product.

However, affiliate marketing is not an easy way to earn money. Otherwise, everybody would be making thousands of dollars while they sleep.

You’ll have to work hard to become successful. While opportunities are available in droves, the competition is stiff.

Also, do thorough research before you select an affiliate niche. There are zillions of affiliate programs, but not all are created equal.

No amount of hard work will help if you pick a niche for which there’s not much demand.

How to Choose An Affiliate Program to Promote

Ideally, you would want to pick a niche based on your own familiarity with the products offered. Go for a niche with great demand and relatively fewer competitors.

Reports show that retail, travel, telecom / media, and finance are some of the top affiliate niches with highest revenue percentages.

If you have knowledge about any of these, it is a good idea to start your affiliate marketing career focused here.

Once you’ve enrolled in an affiliate program, the next step is to find ways to share your affiliate link with your audience.

However, you just can’t bombard your audience with promotional links.

That will make you hugely unpopular. If there’s one thing online consumers don’t like, it is pushy affiliate marketers.

So promote the link intelligently. One time tested strategy you can focus on is simply to help your consumers in order to gain their trust. In fact, this is the absolute best way to pursue success in this space.

Supplement With Valuable Content

Publish informative blog posts on your site that address your audience’s potential pain areas. Similarly, publish helpful content on social media to win trust and establish credibility.

With millions of people logging into social networking sites, you simply can’t afford to ignore these channels.

Leverage the power of video content, too. When done right, it can help you establish a strong connection with your audience.

Just like with blog posts and Facebook posts or Tweets, the idea behind vlogs and podcasts should be to offer value to consumers. It’s best NOT to promote the affiliate link left, right, and center.

To learn more about affiliate marketing and the most popular categories among affiliate marketers at present, check out this action-packed infographic.

Affiliate Marketing Basics Infographic

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