Nick Galov

Nick Galov is Head of Content and Community Manager at With years of experience as a frontline support and system administrator, Nick wants to improve the web hosting industry as a whole. Through impartial reviews and detailed case studies, he helps people find the most suitable hosting provider. In the rare moments he unplugs from the digital world, Nick enjoys hiking and cycling.

Infographic about the role of Retargeting for Ecommerce businesses

The Effects Of Retargeting in Ecommerce [INFOGRAPHIC]

Customers will rarely make a purchase during their very first visit to a new website. It doesn’t matter how boldly designed the web store appears or how compelling the products and services are. Just about 2% of first time visitors actually buy, which is quite discouraging. However, there are ways to increase that number. With …

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PPC Stats and Trends for 2019 FEATURE IMAGE

Pay-Per-Click Demystified: A Snapshot of PPC Advertising in 2019

Whether you’re new to online marketing or a seasoned marketer, one thing is abundantly clear: learning is a constant in this ever-evolving industry. We’re not even halfway through 2019, and there have already been several new updates to Google’s search algorithms. Influencer marketing has seen a shift to mainstream marketing, for example. According to Forbes, …

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Affiliate Marketing Infographic FEATURE Image

Affiliate Marketing Basics Explained [INFOGRAPHIC]

You may have heard some people say that affiliate marketing is not as big as it used to be. That’s all nonsense. If anything, this business niche is even stronger than ever before. And right now is as good a time as any to enter it. How Big Is the Affiliate Marketing Industry? Global retail …

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