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Chiropractor SEO Practices to Find Patients

In today’s technology-driven world, you will need a robust online presence if you want to stay competitive and bring clients to your door. However, an online presence is not limited to having a website alone. If anything, it is just the tip of the iceberg.

In order for patients to find you when they look for a chiropractor online, you need to ensure you are using powerful SEO strategies that will land you on the top of the search page results. Otherwise, the people you are targeting will be oblivious to your presence.

Bring Patients to Your Door: Best Chiropractor SEO Practices to Keep in Mind

Undeniably, SEO is a powerful marketing strategy for acquiring new customers. Essentially, a successful website for a chiropractor should be optimized to increase its visibility for certain keywords that its target audience is searching for.

When your website has greater visibility, your ability to attract potential patients can increase significantly. You will also be able to effectively establish your authority online, while simultaneously generating a higher volume of leads.

While there’s no shortage of effective SEO strategies you can use, below are some of the best options to tackle first:

Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

You can optimize your Google My Business profile by providing all the updated information it requires. When doing so, be sure to be as detailed and specific as possible. Make sure you include the following information:

  • Hours of operation
  • Specialties
  • Contact information
  • Physical Address
  • Optimized image(s)
  • A description including relevant keywords

Once all the required information has been filled out, you can use Google My Business to post announcements, promotions, and upcoming events. Promotions and new patient specials announced through a Google My Business post have a significantly high open rate.

Ensure Your Website Loads Fast

Here’s an interesting tidbit: Online, you only have two seconds to create a favorable first impression. In other words, most people (including potential patients) are willing to wait only two seconds for your website to load before clicking away.

In addition to ensuring your website loads fast, try to make it as visually appealing as possible to establish authority and professionalism. More importantly, it is crucial that your visitors can find what they are looking for easily and quickly.

Your chiropractor website should include the following essential elements:

  • Clinic information
  • Specialties
  • Short bios of physicians and clinic staff
  • Procedures and services offered

It is also a good idea to add a chatbot that can address quick questions from visitors. And always be sure to include your social media accounts for added reach and visibility.

Start Local

There’s a huge possibility that the majority of your target patients are just around the corner.

Not convinced? Consider this: at least 46% of the three and a half billion searches made daily are local.

Not only that, but “near me” searches are also increasing considerably.

Be your community’s go-to chiropractor by optimizing your content for the most popular local search terms in your area. You can also make your website stand out in the search results by using the following techniques:

  • Create a page for every service you are offering
  • List all locations on separate pages
  • Place a Google map on your contact page
  • Optimize your images (especially the local pictures you will use)

When getting all of this done, be absolutely sure to have your NAP (name, address, and phone number) information matched verbatim to the information shown on your Google My Business listing. It is a good idea to post the NAP on the footer of each page, so it becomes a key part of your website’s structure.

Update Your Website Metadata

After all of the above, you will have a well-optimized website, and your Google business listing should be up-to-date. But have you checked your metadata? The metadata is the information Google bots use to decide if your site is worth ranking.

The metadata includes the keywords, titles, and descriptions. For instance, if you are a chiropractor offering telehealth in the Chicago area, ensure the keywords are prominent in your metadata.

Don’t Overlook Mobile Users

Statistics show that a whopping 87% of people now use their smartphones to search online. With that in mind, make sure your site is also optimized for an ideal mobile user experience. Considering the number of people using their mobile devices nowadays, this should rank very high in your list of priorities.

It is even more essential that your website loads quickly on mobile phones as compared to desktop visits. Make sure to include all of the information that your visitors and prospects are seeking on both versions of the website.

Prioritize Keyword Research Early

Even if SEO and digital marketing have evolved over the years, one thing has not changed: keywords. While you can no longer cram a blog full of keywords, unlike many years ago, people still use them when they search online.

Research the keywords that work best for chiropractors and use them accordingly throughout your website and content.


With more and more people going online, it’s safe to assume that this is where you are most likely to meet new patients.

If you want them to find you, start with the SEO strategies outlined above.

Don’t hesitate to make changes in your SEO strategy as you go along, until you find one that will work best for you.

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