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Importance Of Customer Reviews And How To Increase Positive Feedback

There’s no argument that customer reviews are vital when it comes to growing your business.

Both online and offline customer feedback can provide a huge boost to businesses in most industries, cultivating growth as well as customer loyalty.

Why are reviews so important? How can we ensure that we receive it?

Customers Feel Involved

Customers tend to feel more involved and “listened to” when they have the opportunity to provide feedback to a business or service that they have used.

It shows them that their opinion matters, especially if you take the time to respond to their feedback or act upon any requested changes.

If the customer feels that they are valued, it makes them more likely to return in the future.

On the contrary if you don’t listen or respond to them, customers will feel. neglected. This will reduce the chances of them leaving positive feedback or returning to your business in the future.

Feedback Highlights Areas for You to Improve

Reviews and customer feedback help to notify you of any problems from the customer’s viewpoint.

As the business owner, it can sometimes be difficult for you to see things from their side. With unfiltered feedback, you can uncover any new concerns that require attention.

You will learn what you are doing well and what could be done better. If you act upon their feedback, it will make them happier, while also improving your brand for other customers.

Their insights can provide you with ideas on how to appeal to more customers and to create a better overall experience. And the best part: this in turn should provide you with more positive feedback.

Stand Out from the Crowd

When shopping for a product, most people would rather purchase something with reviews than something without any.

It is a popular search option to rank products or businesses based upon their reviews. So, not only will positive reviews make your business look good, but they will make it more likely for your company to be seen by potential customers.

This also applies out in the real world too. If someone has had a good experience with you, they are likely to offer a personal recommendation to a friend.

Even Negative Feedback Has Its Place

No one likes to receive a bad review. Regardless, a negative review isn’t the end of the world.

Use the negative feedback as an opportunity. Take the time to respond to the unhappy customer. Aim to find out how you can help or, even better, explain what you have done to remedy their problem.

It is important to think carefully about your response and how you have addressed the problem.

“You might not be able to redeem that particular customer, but if another potential customer sees the effort you went to, they are likely to look positively upon that,” says Jay Klock, customer service advisor and writer for Last Minute Writing.

How to Get a Review

Not everyone will think to leave a review. This is especially true when there isn’t an obvious place to do so.

If you have an online store, it’s as easy as implementing a review system on your website or using an already existing tool such as Google Reviews or Yelp.

For those of you who are using a larger store to distribute your products, or who have a physical store as well, this can be a bit more difficult. It’s easy for the customer to walk out and forget about reviewing you altogether.

This doesn’t mean you have to pushy, but there is no harm in asking. Simply ask customers if they wouldn’t mind leaving you with a review, provide them with the how and where to leave it.

You’ll be surprised at how many customers don’t know how to leave a review. It’s your job to explain how. They should feel that their opinion matters.

Make it Personal

You can risk coming across as a bit blunt by outright asking for a review, so add a personal touch to it.

Email customers, if you have permission, and make sure to mention what they purchased or any interaction you may have had with them.

An automated email isn’t going to make the customer feel spccial. It might go straight in the trash anyway.

But if you choose a more personal touch, the customer should feel like their input is important.

Even a one-to-one personal message might not do it though, in which case you’ll need to offer them an incentive.

“An incentive isn’t always necessary, but it can be a good way to get a lot more reviews and some return customers,” adds Mildred Rife, content marketer and author. Try something like “10% off your next purchase when you leave a review”.

Providing an incentive will not guarantee you a positive review, but you should start to see some more coming in.


Customer feedback is essential for getting your business and products seen by other potential customers. Without it you may not even appear in searches.

Every review is important and should be valued. Your customers are the most reliable source of feedback at your disposal.

Their insights will help you create a better customer experience for everyone. Use the information they provide and make them feel valued.

By listening to and acting upon the feedback you receive, you’ll create customer loyalty and gain new customers as well.

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