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How to Build Backlinks Using Simple Images Effectively

Did you know that 91% of all content sees no traffic from Google whatsoever? This is an alarming fact, especially when you consider that Google holds 80.5% of all search engine market share.

If you want a chance at free and efficient advertising, you have to focus on building backlinks.

When talking about building links, most people think of written content.

Even though guest blogs and posts can be effective, we often disregard the power of simple images.

Content marketers have started using photos, graphics and memes to attract natural backlinks. Let’s see how you can do it too.

Make Images That Are Shareable

In the world of social media, it’s not about how good your images are. Instead, it’s about how shareable they are.

When people feel like they can understand or relate to something, they won’t hesitate to share it.

Image sharing on social media is perhaps the greatest form of backlinking, which many people fail to recognize.

To make the most out of people sharing your images on social media, here what you have to do:

  • Have a brief description that connects the image’s content with your brand in particular
  • Include a small watermark in a contrasting color from the background, somewhere at the bottom of the image
  • Link your website in the description or the text part of the post
  • Think about adding a distinct colorway to all your images, so that they can become a trademark of sorts

Create Stock Photos for Ultimate Sharing

If you’re running any retail website, think about creating stock photos that are related to the activity or product. Take a look at this example:

You’re running an eCommerce shop that specializes in selling performance and training apparel. To promote your new collection, give the clothes to a male or female coworker and tell them to get sweaty. Design the photo so that they can be seen as visibly tired, with the sun shining on them.

What does this provide you with? Relatability.

Even if you just post it as a part of your new collection, websites from all around the world will want to use the image. Here are just some types of articles you can create backlinks in:

  • A sports-related blog – e.g., “5 Benefits of Running in the Morning”
  • Medical article – “Why do I get so tired when working out?”

If an image is a stock one, many brands and blogs will seek to use it for free. To build backlinks, demand that they provide the links to your website in exchange for content.

If blogs/websites like your content, you can ask for long-term cooperation, with even some paid incentives.

Infographics, Charts, and Statistics

People love when they see proof that supports a claim. What they love more are numbers.

There is something that’s even better – a visual representation of numbers.

That’s why infographics and charts are an ideal choice for marketers who wish to create backlinks. Why so?

  • There isn’t a lot of reading involved
  • They can be used anywhere, with a topic that relates to the graph
  • Among all types of content, video and infographics have the most extended relevant cycle, meaning that they can be posted for a long time.
  • Perhaps the best benefit of infographics is how easy they’re made. You can even use other sources and create graphs and charts inspired by them. The trick here is to cite the source in written form on the image, but have it backlink to your page.

If you create enough relevant and entertaining infographics, you can expect many useful backlinks in return.

Look at eMarketer as an example. They combine red and black to create their own trademark type of graphs.

Add a bit of flavor to your creation and make your backlinks count even more.

But what happens when people get tired of numbers?

Capitalize on the Power of Memes

Memes are considered as cultural artifacts that spread like wildfire due to global recognition and culture. From funny, tragic or bizarre situations, people always find a way to create memes.

As opposed to traditional images, memes can be used in two efficient ways for building backlinks:

  • Jumping on existing meme trends. If you incorporate memes such as Surprised Pikachu, people will view you as a brand that follows trends. The meme will be hot and trendy at the time, which will lead to a lot of backlinks.
  • Creating new memes. Before doing this, you should conduct research and have other bloggers share the meme for immediate spreading.

Other Tactics for Building Backlinks With Simple Images

  • Always respond to messages asking to use your images. Even if you refuse, let them know why and they might come with a better offer.
  • Use a Domain Authority Calculator to know which sites you should say yes to. If they have a high enough DA score, then you can build valuable backlinks.
  • Never be afraid to write and ask. Even some high authority sites will love to share your graphics if they’re relevant to their cause. Such simple offers have started many great partnerships.
  • When preparing a written guest post, summarize it in up to 4 images. That way, social media pages will share them and allow you to build strong backlinks. Additionally, more people will visit your website.

Concluding Thoughts

Building useful image backlinks is all about being communicative with other parties, as well as being creative. Post relevant content and turn writings to visual.

After a short while, many blogs and pages will love to use your creatively-made images. Follow these tips for building backlinks to watch your website ranking soar!

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