Why SEO Matters - Why Search Engine Optimization Matters

Why SEO Matters, and Why It Should Be Your Top Digital Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great marketing tool for online businesses. Many businesses online use this tool to their advantage. These companies already understand why SEO matters.

But, not all of them prioritize SEO. Let’s explore some of the main reasons why SEO should take the front seat among  your business marketing strategies.

First, we’ll discuss why SEO matters so much for an online business.

Why SEO Matters

Google ranks pages and posts based on how well they answer a user’s query. These content items are most relevant to what a user enters into the Google search bar.

Anyone could manipulate Google’s rankings using advanced software automates link building and content generation using questionable processes.

Domains with a lot of content and many links should rank well on Google. But, that wouldn’t be fair to websites that value good content over adding irrelevant links.

Google takes steps to detect such manipulation. You’ll be far better off by following their guidelines without pause.

Your on page optimization highly influences whether or not Google thinks your content deserves to be ranked well. So quality content plus good optimization are important factors in getting ranked.

The state of your domain’s SEO literally determines how much traffic you will receive. The higher you rank, the more visitors you can expect to receive. And this will place your brand in front of more potential customers.

But, you must remember that there’s a lot of competition on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). So, your SEO efforts should be top-notch to beat the competition.

If you want to appeal to individuals, you could hire a PPC or SEO expert. These experts determine the right combination of promotional and relevant content.

This content will help you capture the interest of your target audience. If you want to appeal to businesses, you could hire a targeted B2B marketing agency, or an even more specialized agency that focuses only on your niche.

These agencies will help you design a great user experience for buyers. Your buyers can decide if they want to trust you based on the quality and usefulness of your content.

Now let’s talk about the reasons why SEO matters, and why it should be prioritized for online marketing.

SEO Boosts Online Visibility

Experts predict that companies will spend over $500 billion on digital marketing efforts in 2022. This large investment is worth it if it helps boost brand visibility online.

SEO can help online businesses reach more customers than ever before. Anyone looking for a product or service online can find you thanks to SEO.

Aside from generating high quality promotional content, you should present it in a very user friendly manner. For WordPress websites, be sure to review the options for SEO friendly themes that will both help you rank and engage visitors when they arrive.

Doing so will increase your online visibility.

Users trust Google to give them relevant search results. When you show up atop the SERPs for important keywords, users should trust you as well.

By ranking highly, you are suggesting to searchers that your brand is reliable. After all, Google goes to great lengths to suppress untrustworthy and spammy content. This is one of the best ways to boost your brand reputation.

Increased online visibility will also lead to increased Click-Through-Rates (CTR). A good CTR stems from several customers clicking on your site and page links.

Customers that see you ranked highly for keywords of interest are more likely to click AND convert once they arrive.

So, better brand visibility will help you achieve a good conversion rate too.

You can keep up this rate if you maintain your product and service quality.

SEO Promotes the Use of Best Practices

SEO experts will tell you that you can use SEO techniques across different platforms. These platforms are ripe grounds to win new customers with the right SEO tools.

Remember, users enter queries on other platforms aside from search engines, such as YouTube and Facebook. So, it’s important to use SEO tactics on social media too.

Your SEO efforts on social media should reflect what viewers on these platforms are looking for online. Display ads that you post here should feature strong content.

You can use content marketing services or social media influencers to design such ads. Be sure to conduct SEO research specific to these platforms when building out your content marketing and social strategy.

SEO research on social media can help you improve your ad targeting. You can reach interested customers in no time with better ad targeting.

SEO is useful across platforms and promotes the use of best practices in marketing.

You’d need to monitor your website and social media channels to stay ahead of the curve. SEO promotes best competitive practices in this way.

In doing so, it helps you play an active part in shaping your business’ future. If you don’t stay active, your business growth could face stagnation.

This stagnation will affect your conversion rate and revenue. It’s better to be safe than sorry here and follow best SEO practices.

SEO Builds Customer Relationships

An overall strong marketing campaign will help you build customer relationships. These relationships will serve you in the long run if you play your cards right.

The general assumption that it costs five times more to sell to new customers than to retain customers may no longer be true. After all, previous stats relied on figures from mass production companies.

These companies ran expensive advertising and promotional campaigns. They also engaged in aggressive selling to win new business.

But, it’s still true that it’s simpler and cheaper to sell products and services to existing customers. SEO plays a role here because it is paramount to improving customer experience.

Customer experience is all about how customers use your site to find what they need. For the best customer experience, you want to have customers visit your website at the exact time they need what you offer.

So, a good customer experience starts with finding the right website after performing a simple Google search. SEO experts can suggest the right words to insert into your content and promotional materials.

You can use well built promotional content to make your way to the top of Google’s search results.

A good experience will encourage your customers to return to your site. Increased return visitors will lead to increased traffic.

And of course, increased traffic will boost your SEO value. Boosting your SEO value will help you attract new customers and retain existing ones.

As you can see, it’s like a closed end loop. Good SEO techniques will increase your ranking and help you cultivate trust among customers.

In turn, these customers will drive up your CTR, which will help bring you new customers. So, SEO techniques will help you improve the ROI for your digital marketing efforts across the board.

Conclusion: Why SEO Matters

SEO is all the rage these days thanks to the handsome returns it can offer. You can follow good SEO practices to boost your online traffic.

A high Google ranking will not only boost online traffic. It’ll also help you cultivate healthy relationships with customers.

The same goes for cultivating relationships with other businesses in the industry. You shouldn’t underestimate this marketing tool if you want to achieve solid and sustained business growth.

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