How to Get More from Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube

How To Get The Most From LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram

There are a lot of social media platforms. It can be daunting to manage all of them.

But, did you know that each social media platform can generate and nurture leads?

In this guide, we take a look at the ten ways you can use social media profiles to grow your business and increase revenue.

  1. Turn LinkedIn Into an Inbound Marketing Funnel

LinkedIn is the largest professional social media network, with more than 400 million active subscribers worldwide.

Almost everyone that does business is on the platform. It’s a great way of getting inbound leads.

The premise is simple: Make sure that your profile is optimized so people can find out more about what your organization offers.

This means professional headshots, a bio with easily readable text that links to your website, and an active presence – more on this in the next point – that can woo new leads in.

Optimizing a LinkedIn account is an art form, and there are plenty of ways to do it. However, you have to remember that it has to draw the casual visitor in.

Think of it as a digital resume. It has to stand out, and it has to be professional.

  1. Get Active

Business owners are active on LinkedIn. They post, comment, and react to other businesses and people. If you don’t engage with the LinkedIn community, your account is as good as dead.

By being active on the biggest professional platform, you can lead prospects to be curious about what you do.

This can in turn land them on your profile, and ultimately push them over to be converted on your website.

  1. Connecting on LinkedIn is Easy

Active prospecting on LinkedIn is a must, especially for B2B businesses. Luckily, there are a lot of ways that you can connect with people.

The simplest approach would be to “cold” message people, but you can also employ outreach strategies such as asking them for help or pitching to collaborate with them.

Additionally, LinkedIn offers a tool called the Sales Navigator that will allow you to pitch and reach interested parties en masse. If you wish to reach even more people, you may use LinkedIn ads.

  1. Be a Thought Leader on LinkedIn

Renowned B2B business leaders can accumulate a lot of followers, because of the value that they bring to the community.

Your goals should be aligned similarly – to influence more connections.

In fact, it’s not just Instagram that has influencers. LinkedIn hosts plenty of them.

If your goal is to be a thought leader, focus on being active on the platform and helping people as often as possible. You can start by engaging with people and answering questions

Alternatively, you start by giving things away. These could be tools or spreadsheets that you have come across, or even presentations that can help businesses achieve their goals.

The opportunities are endless.

  1. Micro-influencers on Instagram Can Be Your Ticket

Looking to expand your market on a shoestring budget?

Think wider than Instagram ads, and focus on micro-influencers.

They control a large following and can land you a lot of conversions, if you can convince key influencers to promote your products or services.

In fact, micro-influencers are so powerful that 45.4 percent of their followers have tried something that they have recommended, with 26.9 percent actually making a purchase. These statistics can make a world of difference in how you do marketing.

Micro-influencers represent a more targeted way of reaching highly specific audiences using minimal investment, rather than spending big bucks on influencer accounts with diluted engagement rates.

  1. Consider Collaborating on YouTube

Just like Instagram, there are a lot of stars on YouTube. If you’re running out of content ideas or thinking of switching it up, you can always collaborate with a fellow YouTuber to gain access to their following.

You have to keep in mind that it could cost you a little bit of time, effort, and resources. Regardless, you can tap into a great deal of potential value with access to a whole new market.

Alternatively, you could sponsor a video production. If you want to spark creativity, collaboration is one of the best ways to go about it.

  1. Produce Videos About the Subject, not the Product

Major search engines rank videos, and YouTube can provide a huge asset within your search engine optimization strategy.

Furthermore, YouTube is a search engine all by itself. Because of this, it helps to rank higher than the competition for certain topics.

Instead of creating videos about how your product or service can help people, why not create videos on subjects instead?

There are a lot of people who spend time on YouTube trying to educate themselves about different subjects.

When they search about a particular topic and find that your channel covers content about it, they will be more willing to investigate your services when you place them in front of the audience.

Your organization will be seen as one that wants to add value instead of just sell. This is a great way to drive positive inbound marketing through YouTube video SEO.

  1. Call People Out on Twitter

Twitter is a platform for you to engage with people. If you’re not communicating with anyone, then you are using it incorrectly.

A lot of companies use the platform to answer customer queries as social proof that your company cares about its prospects. There is nothing that customers love more than great customer service.

But there’s more.

You can also use the platform to talk to people directly even if they don’t have queries, and you can call out influencers and thought leaders.

By creating an air of engagement, you come off as an active company. This leads to great branding and can help with generating leads.

  1. Retarget Using Twitter Ads

We’re all fans of creating custom audiences on Facebook, but did you know that you can do the same thing on Twitter?

If you have a list of prospect emails that you have identified who are active on the social network, you can throw that list into a tailored audience.

Feeding your prospects reminders about your services is an excellent way to remarket to them. It will provide the exposure you need in front of prospects that have seen your services before.

  1. Use the Analytics Approach

If you want to succeed with any social media platform, you have to be on top of your analytics on that particular platform. These insights will allow you to check what types of content work with different audiences and where you’re falling behind.

It’s a way of ensuring that you are not wasting your time and resources with strategies that fail to convert into business.


With these ten tips, you can initiate the momentum that you need for growth, harnessing the full force of your social media accounts.

Remember to examine your efforts, test, and be consistent with your activity and engagement. It’s time you used your social media profiles to kickstart your growth.

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