How content length affects SEO and conversion rates

What Is The Optimal Content Length For SEO? [INFOGRAPHIC]

In the digital marketing world, content plays a key role, and rightly so!

By writing quality and benefit-focused content marketers can both:

  • Attract users’ attention, and
  • Improve their brand visibility online

More importantly, content can help them improve their website ranking on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

If you are a running an SEO campaign for your website, you should also consider what word counts / content length works best for crawling, indexing, and ultimately, ranking.

The simple answer: between 1,500-2,000 words.

There have been many studies analyzing this stat, and they all land on the same range. If you want to learn more about this estimate, take a look at the below infographic which explains more about the perfect content length and how content length affects SEO.

Take a look!

Content Length and Its 10 Factors Affecting SEO [Infographic]

How Content Length Affects SEO and Conversion


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Nirav Dave

CTO & Co-Founder at Capsicum Mediaworks
Nirav Dave is the CTO & Co-Founder at Capsicum Mediaworks, a digital agency based out of Mumbai, India that specializes in all things web design & WordPress. He worships WordPress and loves to read anything and everything about this exceptional CMS.
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