How Shopping Has Changed in Recent Years [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ever since the introduction of ecommerce, shopping has been transformed.

As soon as it was available, many tech-savvy pundits jumped on board. They espoused the benefits of shopping online, cheering on the comfort of being able to shop from your couch on any number of online stores you desire.

They were enamored with how easily one could compare prices across the web. Ecommerce took the retail world by a storm!

Of course, people still love to shop the old-fashioned way. However, in today’s hectic world, online shopping is what most people prefer.

Smartphones are getting smarter by the day. With all the apps being introduced to make people’s life easier, shopping behavior is in a constant state of change.

Infographic: Look How Much Shopping Has Evolved

To get an idea of how shopping has changed over the years, we have shared this beautifully detailed and easy to understand infographic.

The image covers different aspects of shopping, such as the different types of shopping (retail stores, online shopping, as well as “click and collect”).

The infographic also highlights key stats, such as what percentage of people from different generations prefer online shopping and how many digital buyers there are worldwide.

It Pays to Be Socially Conscious

People are more aware of environmental issues than ever before. Consumers are conscious of the social, ecological, environmental, and political impact of individual brands and products. As a result, shoppers are more concerned about where their products come from and whether or not they are “green.”

How does this impact shopping? Conscious consumers are willing to pay an additional 5% for their garments, if there was a certification that the laborers are paid well and work in safe conditions.

The Impact of Visuals

Visual appearance and color also impact consumer shopping habits. Smart retailers and ecommerce owners will be privy to these influences if they aim to succeed in 2019.

You might be surprised to learn how many people are impressed by visual appearance, as compared to sound, smell, and texture.

The different types of shoppers and what colors appeal to them is one of the biggest secrets that you will realize in this infographic from Rombus Packaging.

How Packaging Affects Customers

It then moves onto talk about product packaging, specifically:

  • How the rise of quality packaging has impacted consumers
  • How packaging can help with brand recognition

If you are a retailer, this is the perfect infographic to reference when analyzing new initiatives for your business.

INFOGRAPHIC What Shows is What Sells: How Shopping Has Changed

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