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7 Google Trends Hacks to Boost Your SEO and Content Strategy

As the largest and most popular search engine, Google is critical to the success of your website. This is why the ultimate goal of content creation and SEO is to improve webpage ranking in Google searches.

Marketers and webmasters use all sorts of apps to ensure a higher ranking, but Google’s native tools always make the best starting point in this field. Google Trends is the first among equals because it collects big data, processes the information to facilitate analysis, and releases this information for free.

Besides that, Google Trends regularly adds new features such as data stories, new infographics types, or years in search. However, it seems like a lot of people still cannot fully grasp the potential of this powerful search analytics tool.

If you want to utilize the platform to the fullest extent, you have to understand how it really works. This article will present you with seven ways Google Trends can reshape your content and SEO strategy.

1.     Discover Trending Topics

The first benefit of Google Trends is obvious – you can use it to discover trending topics and find fresh website content ideas. As you probably know already, it’s not easy to keep coming up with new and exciting topics week after week. You’ll find that it’s good to have a tool like this one at your disposal.

Joseph Hill, a content creator at UK Careers Booster, says he rarely uses the platform to conduct generic searches: “On the contrary, I use it to narrow down the search by adding a set of specific parameters such as locations, category or niche, time period, search types, and so on. It’s a perfect way for me to uncover quality trending topics both in terms of SEO and content relevance.”

2.     Analyze Phrases and Long-Tail Keywords

Every niche offers a plethora of keywords. Webmasters often struggle to find the best ones in order to distinguish their content from that of everyone else competing for visits.

In this case, use alternative phrases and long-tail keywords to get a comparative advantage.

Google Trends can help you by suggesting frequently asked questions and the most relevant news in any given niche. This is a valuable source of keyword ideas that can make a big difference between you and your biggest competitors.

3.     Conduct More Precise Keyword Analysis

Long-tail keywords are very useful, but shorter keywords still remain an anchor of SEO. Google Trends enables you to find the most effective keyword options in dozens of categories, while its charts and tables provide an excellent visual support that helps you to make decisions even faster and more accurately.

In addition to helping you find and use the right keywords, Google Trends also helps you keep an eye on possible changes. In this way, you can update content so as to match the real-time preferences of your audience.

4.     Explore Search Types

Search type analysis is one of the fundamental features of Google Trends. Why?

Well, modern businesses want to segment their customers according to personal traits or preferences. Search types play a major role in that regard.

Google Trends divides the audience into five categories: Web Search, Image Search, YouTube Search, News Search, and Google Shopping.

Each one of these categories describes different behavioral patterns, so you can adjust your SEO and content strategy based on the peculiarities of the target audience.

It’s a data-driven strategy that enables personalization and guarantees better results in the long run.

5.     Planning and Scheduling

If you want to maximize the impact of your blog posts and other content, employ strategic planning to your content creation efforts.

This makes scheduling extremely important. You should know the best times to publish different content types and discuss certain topics.

Using Google Trends, you can see how keywords rank throughout the year and prepare new posts accordingly. For instance, NBA finals takes place in late May and early June, so it’s the perfect period of the year to write about this event.

The same goes for all other fields of work and life,. Be sure to take seasonality into account and ride the wave of popularity when you have the chance.

6.     Don’t Forget Location Targeting

Keyword searches represent a cornerstone of content and SEO strategy, but they cannot fulfill their fullest potential if you don’t include location targeting in your analysis. This is particularly important if your business doesn’t depend on the Internet as the sales channel.

In this case, you can exploit location targeting to craft content that promotes physical outlets such as restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, etc.

Therefore, you should use Google Trends to find out which topics make the biggest impact on people in different countries, regions, or cities.

7.     Optimize Multimedia Content

Text-based content is not the only one that requires proper SEO optimization. On the contrary, multimedia posts like images and videos also demand metadata in order to be recognized by search engine crawlers.

With Google Trends and search types, you can perfectly optimize all of your posts.

For instance, YouTube search filter will show you a full list of topic-related sections and inquiries that you can exploit to make credible titles and video descriptions. It makes the content well-optimized and drastically increases the likelihood that your videos will be found by the right target audience.


Google Trends is a powerful analytics tool that can completely change the way you build new content and optimize your website. It offers a wide range of valuable features, so I recommend you take time to learn how to exploit it to the fullest extent.

We showed you here seven ways that Google Trends can reshape your content and SEO strategy. The platform is simple and free, so you why not start using it immediately? If you do it correctly, rest assured that your website performance will improve in short order.

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