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5 Things You Need To Know About AI and Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is going through tremendous changes right now. A large number of these ongoing innovations has to do with the way customers and business owners use technology and the developments are made in this field every day.

With Artificial intelligence (AI) being developed and adopted at lightning speeds, marketers are having to adjust to a new digital environment and its practices.

These trends are also changing the way we advertise our businesses and generate leads. Some business owners are experiencing difficulties dealing with these changes.

This guest post is here to assist small business owners in grasping and applying the improvements that AI brings to the world of digital marketing.

Content Assistance

AI can assist you in creating content for your small business website. Some of the most reliable news providers, like Washington Post and Associated Press, are already using digital robots to generate content.

However, you still can’t expect a writing tool to achieve a “human” level of creativity and originality. These AI-solutions work with previously gathered data to generate content in line with what they have been taught.

For instance, you can use Quill to create targeted product descriptions for your e-store. Quill can save money as compared to the cost of a human copywriter manually generating your descriptions. With some manual tweaking and editing of the output, you can replicate the quality of a human author at a fraction of the cost.

But Quill isn’t the only options for small business owners. More creative owners might use AI to generate business reports and create flash news for their websites or social media posts.

Enhanced Email Marketing

With the rapid growth of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook over the past few years, some people think that email is becoming obsolete.

Although it’s slower than social networks in many ways, recent stats from emarketer suggest quite the opposite. Email marketing is still one of the most affordable ways to increase your revenues.

Now that AI tools are entering the digital marketing mix, email is highly likely to become even more efficient. Imagine the possibilities once we can analyze loads of data containing information about your customers’ online habits. Then automatically applying that data to personalization and email campaign targeting.

In line with that, you can use AI technology not only to gather information, but to generate the keywords that will improve the lead generation process itself. These terms can be included in your emails, in a manner where potential clients can immediately spot the benefits that your small business can offer them.

Machine Learning and Predictive Analysis

Modern machines are able to learn, and they can do it quickly. With this capability, we can use a machine’s advanced skills to improve the way we handle digital marketing across the board.

Let’s say that 50 shoppers have registered in your newly-launched ecommerce store. With the help of cutting-edge AI-assistants, you can closely follow their habits and preferences. These tools will collect data and use it to generate special, tailor-made offers for your customers.

Using this data, you can deploy other AI-powered tools to help you. Whether it be customer service or on-boarding, it will run much smoother when backed by actual data, as opposed to mere guesses on the preferences of your users.

And possibly most importantly, AI technologies can use data to identify new products that should be offered on your website. This service alone would easily make up for any difficulties you encounter while setting up AI in the first place.

Voice Search

Everybody who has used Windows 10 knows who Cortana is.

Likewise, iOS users should be all too familiar with Siri.

These are only the most popular voice companions for operating systems. Since people want their online queries to be processed as quickly as possible, there’s a high demand for top-notch voice search services.

Smart developers have begun to use AI for research in the voice search field. AI assistants like Cortana and Siri have pre-set functions, but AI scientists are working on improving their learning abilities.

As time goes by, such tools will continue to improve at memorizing their users’ habits and making their lives easier. This is why small business owners should do their best to prepare their websites and apps for voice search options.

Implementation of AMP Pages

Since the number of gadget users is growing almost exponentially, search engines need to adapt their algorithms to these new trends. This is why the search industry’s leading companies have collectively introduced the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project.

By integrating AMP features on their websites, small business owners can significantly increase their loading speeds. This will in turn increase both the users’ experiences and the website’s rankings, particularly on mobile.

Even more importantly, their conversion rates are likely to increase, as well as their resultant revenues.

Therefore, if you want to adapt your website to meet the demands of the AI-enhanced algorithms, learn more about AMP technology and get ready for the future.


Being more agile than large corporations, small business owners are better poised to adapt to market changes. With artificial intelligence continuing to reshape digital marketing moving forward, SMB owners should get ahead of the curve in the early going.

These five guidelines about AI and digital marketing are just the tip of the iceberg. Apply them in your work, learn more about AI in online marketing, and distinguish your small business from larger and slower moving businesses in your market.

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