Your Customers Tell You What Content to Create

How Customers Tell You What Content To Generate [Infographic]

When it comes to marketing, many professionals can easily recite the keywords and phrases that they think are influencing today’s customers. They know their lingo and they know how to talk about their business.

But how much does your marketing department—or you, for that matter—really know about your customers, particularly when it comes to the world inhabited by your product or service?

Just because you can talk about what you sell doesn’t mean you know what excites other people about it.

For example, take people interested in cars. What kind of cars are they interested in?

If it’s vintage cars, then they might check out places, products, services, and online spaces that are quite different from those interested in racing cars. And their age and demographics can influence what information they seek out and what events they go to.

That’s an example of listening to customers—really listening—and finding out all the places they might be online and all the things they might be talking about. But that means starting with the basics and moving upwards and outwards.

There are hashtags to start with. Those hashtags might be different inside your industry. And they might be different with your customers.

Then there are the sites and social media platforms: They might differ from the ones that you assume—Facebook and Twitter—into smaller sites where you reach a dedicated core of your community.

The goal with any listening is to reinforce and grow your community. You can do that by taking what you’ve learned and creating content, to name one idea.

That might equal white papers or social media content calendars. It might also help you develop content that in turn gets you to understand your customers even better, such as doing polls or quizzes.

What does that look like for your company? This graphic explains it.

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Your audience is telling you what content they want. Are you listening?

Via Salesforce

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