How to Promote a New Website

Essential Ways to Promote Your New Website

Recent studies show that 81% of customers visit a company’s website prior to making a purchase.

While some people visit it directly, following the link featured in blog posts, social networks and emails, most of them start by typing a keyword into a search engine.

Given the fact that 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results, it’s obvious that the mere creation of a website is not enough for you to get noticed.

On the contrary, to drive more traffic to your website, you need to invest in your placements on the SERPs.

Here are some brilliant ways to do so.

Optimize your Site for Search Engines

The idea behind implementing SEO is pretty simple: Google is getting smarter day by day and is constantly changing its search algorithms.

These actions can severely hinder your web traffic if you don’t optimize the website properly.

This is exactly when numerous SEO techniques (keyword research, content optimization, link prospecting and other on-site and off-site optimization practices) shine.

You need to have in mind that, to be executed properly, SEO requires a great deal of time and effort.

Luckily, there is a plethora of sophisticated SEO tools that will enhance the effectiveness of your SEO campaign.

These same tools can also help you measure the profitability of your SEO efforts and keep track in real-time.

Implement Social Media Marketing

In today’s era of hyper-connectivity, social networks are immensely important for spreading the word about your website to wide audiences.

These platforms allow you to drive organic traffic to your website, measure the success of your digital marketing campaigns and, most importantly, deliver a personalized customer experience.

In order to make the most of your social media marketing strategy, pay special attention to the following:

Choose the Right Platform

Not all platforms fit your business needs. Therefore, you need to go with those that are relevant to both your niche and target audience.

For example, Facebook is a must if you run an ecommerce business. With 2 billion monthly users, it will help you promote your products among massive audiences.

To boost customer experience, you could also set up a Facebook store that goes hand-in-hand with your e-commerce website.

This mobile-friendly option provides your buyers with a personalized approach and instant customer service. And even better, it allows them to make a purchase without having to leave Facebook.

Mobile Social Media Marketing

Share your Content Regularly

Creating and sharing industry-specific content regularly is critical for your website promotion. Apart from guest posting, social media marketing plays a vital role in achieving this goal.

This is exactly why you need to put more effort into creating a step-by-step content marketing strategy. Always make sure that the content you post is relevant, shareable and data-driven.

Also, don’t forget that the key to the effective cross-posting approach lies in interlinking your content and posting a link with the same headline across all social networks.

Employ Email Marketing

Even though social media marketing is on a steady rise, email marketing still does wonders for driving traffic to your site.

By getting your potential customers to sign up for your emails, you can inform them about your website updates and new blog posts, as well as send the links to the specific landing pages on your website.

Alternatively, instead of promoting it directly, you can simply feature a link to your website in your signature. This way, even some non-commercial emails will let people find your website.

Email Marketing Can Help Boost Traffic to Your Brand New Website

Most importantly, with intuitive email automation software, reaching massive audiences has never been simpler.

In fact, you should avoid sending emails randomly for your website promotion.

With that said, you need to personalize your email marketing campaign and send emails to the people that may be really interested in what you have to offer.

Interested parties can be your social media followers or website subscribers.

Additionally, make sure that your emails are grammatically correct, authentic and spam-free.

And make absolutely sure that all links included in the emails work as intended when clicked.

Get Featured on a Business Directory

Signing up with an authoritative business directory such as Google My Business or Yelp will boost your website’s transparency and give it better rankings in SERPs.

On the majority of these directories, you can create a free profile, as well as monitor customer reviews and post images.

With millions of people visiting business directories every month, these sites can serve as extremely powerful tools for website promotion.

However, when choosing a directory to sign up with, you need to be cautious. For instance, you need to go with the one that meets your business’ needs and is relevant to your niche.

You should also avoid poor quality and spammy sites that may negatively affect your rank on Google. [Editor’s Note: Only target directories with a vetting process as directed on this post.]

Finally, avoid posting your link on tens of different directories just to boost website traffic. Otherwise, your posts are very likely to be seen as spam.


Your digital marketing strategy should be a well-oiled machine that drives better conversion rates and enhances profits.

In order to keep it running neatly, pay special attention to every element, especially to your website.

Hopefully, with these techniques, you will manage to drive more traffic to your site and maximize the effectiveness of your entire digital marketing campaign.


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