Merge Social Media with Public Speaking

Merge Social Media with Public Speaking for a Unique, Effective Marketing Strategy

Back in the 20th century, companies with marketing issues had a single solution – the TV advertisement that only lasted 30 seconds.

If you had something to sell and you wanted to grab the attention of an audience, all you had to do was come up with an incredibly powerful, well-polished message in a very short timeframe.

Marketing campaigns are very different nowadays. It’s no longer sufficient to build awareness.

As a matter of fact, just building awareness might do more good to your competitors than to your own brand.

Why? Because, once people relate to a message, they can easily be rerouted to other similar businesses using today’s efficient digital methods.

The basic role of a marketing campaign has a whole new connotation. It’s no longer enough to just grab attention; you have to find a way to hold that attention too. Afterwards, you can begin focusing on your social strategy.

The age of massive ad campaigns, catchy slogans and giant billboards is over. Companies today need to turn their attention to social media, and really understand how powerful it can be to their marketing strategies.

Focus on a Clear Mission

Over the years, we’ve seen that quality content has become an incredibly popular strategy in marketing. The issue is that only a small number of content strategists know what they’re truly talking about.

Some still have the tendency to approach content as if content was just another ad, but in a longer version. This tricks the mindset of the customer.

Just because you have a goal in mind and that goal is to get a significant return on your investment, it doesn’t mean you have to ignore current trends or customers.

After you’ve settled on a mission, it’s time to set yourself apart. What makes you different than other 50 similar businesses?

Originality is a virtue, but it won’t have any value unless it means something. Find a way to be different however don’t be weird.

The best approach for an efficient social strategy is to share your mission with your team. In today’s business marketing environment, teamwork is fundamental.

Use Social Media to Advertise

Social media is an excellent platform you can use to advertise your business. The future is online, and if your company doesn’t have a website yet or an online presence on social media sites, it won’t succeed

This is not because your ideas are poor or your product is not useful, but because you won’t be able to reach a wider audience otherwise. Having a website is not enough to make your business known in the online environment.

You have to settle on a target audience too, and find a way to keep that audience engaged. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram can help you out. These social platforms have millions of subscribers.

The right message, video or even picture can go a very long way. The more consistent your online presence is the better chances you have to grab attention and make your campaign successful.

Social Media and Public Speaking Merge for Great Marketing

Merge Social Media with Public Speaking

Use social media to reveal personal things about your business. Customers love to see the person behind the brand. If they can relate to the individual hiding behind a pretty logo, then they can relate to the product too.

Record a video with yourself and your team and talk about your company. Adopt a relaxed attitude, be honest and original.

Share ideas, use humor to grab people’s attention, and don’t hesitate to talk about your goals too. Post the video on your Facebook or YouTube channel. The more convincing you can be the higher chances to have for people to like you.

The key to a successful marketing campaign is ingenuity. It’s tough to come up with something nobody else has already thought of; but it’s not impossible either.

Customers want to get a feel of your business, but they won’t always want to read what you write. They want to hear you too. A visual and an auditory presence can create great impact.

Public Speaking – an Effective Social Marketing Strategy

Public speaking (i.e. in front of a live audience) can be an efficient way to advertise a business. However, you have to be very careful when you’re “on stage.”

It is important to stick to topics you’re familiar with. To do that, your audience has to be properly laid out.

As an entrepreneur or CEO, public speaking in front a group of people and advertising your product can be challenging.

You have to be prepared, appear confident and engage with the audience. Answer and ask questions, make eye contact, and grab attention with body language.

Efficient, unique and memorable marketing strategies are not that easy to find. Use social medial to your advantage, appreciate team work and be the voice of your company.

The more you get involved personally, the better chances you have to relate to your audience and make them your loyal customers.

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