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Content Marketing: Grow Your Business With Social Media

Today I presented the third installment of the Content Marketing series on behalf of SCORE-Austin at their offices here in town. It was good to see some familiar faces from my previous session, and also good to welcome in some new folks for the material.

We covered a lot of ground in the class, most of it focused on high level concepts. I’m inserting the slides from the class below, but for those of you who did not make it, here is an outline of what you will find in the slide deck.

Social Media Training Outline:

  • What is Social Media?
  • Types of Social Media
  • Why Social Media for Marketing?
  • The Roles of Social Media
  • Refresher: The Customer Lifecycle (Same as found in the first slide deck)
  • How to Know Where to Be
  • Social + Content = Inseparable
  • Setting Goals for Social Campaigns
  • How to Set a Social Marketing Strategy
  • How Deep is too Deep?
  • Social Media Rollout Tips
  • Tips for Leading Platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Social Bookmarking
  • A Note on Paid Placement
  • Prioritizing Your Time
  • When to Back Off Social
  • Adapting to Results / Feedback

Of course, this was an interactive session and we covered a range of related topics, asides, and additional areas. Unfortunately, we did not record the live presentation. Given its long length (three hours), I’m not sure many people would have the time and patience to sit through the whole thing in a recorded format anyway.

Building a Social Media Plan

During the session, I fielded a couple of questions about where the audience might find some useful templates or samples of social media strategic and/or tactical plans. Here are some useful resources you can find online. Take note that some of them will require you to submit your contact information or register to access the documents.

2014 Sample Social Media Tactical Plan (from Marketo)

Social Media Strategy Template (Purdue University – very basic template)

Social Media Strategy Workbook (Marketing Savant)

Slide Deck: Grow Your Business Through Social Media

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